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How would you improve this build (Thief/Deadeye)

Hi guys!

First time posting on the forum.

My husband did the following build and we would like to know how would you improve it. The main goal of the build is to stack poison and deal condi damage through it while remaining as far as possible from the target to avoid any damage. The main focus of this build is PVE (open world/ events/ champions/ hero points, etc) so keep that in mind.

The reason behind shadow arts is because when you gain stealth you stack up poison.

Another set option is Trailblazer for more survival

Here´s the link to the build:


  • HnRkLnXqZ.1870HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    I am not a specialist with Deadeye, but there are a few things I noticed so far.

    1.) The condition/poison duration is a complete overkill. Only the rune-set, without any gear-pieces or sigils push poison duration to 83 %. To reach 100 %, you do not need much more. Switching stats on armor & weapons is quite easy. Alternative options for condition-damage, when duration is capped:

    • Grieving - When you want to do both power & condition damage.
    • Sinister - To boost condition-damage (main) and enhance precision (additional).
    • Carrion - To boost condition-damage (main) and enhance vitality (additional).
    • Rampager - To boost precision (main) and condition damage (additional).

    Note: If you click on the links, you see the build with the different gear-options, capped the poison-duration at 99.8 %. What you pick is up to you. You can easily see which stat-combination leads to which path.

    2.) Sigil
    As explained above, the Venom Sigil is not necessary. The Superior Sigil of Doom appears most useful to me, as it grants poison on your target for the next three hits after weapon-swapping. The cooldown is really low.

    The other players can probably give you a better insight. Good luck!

    In addition, credo quod ArcDPS interdictum debere.