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Dissect [DC] [EU] Looking for Berserker for Hardcore Fractal Static

Jin Su Liang.9036Jin Su Liang.9036 Member ✭✭
edited November 28, 2019 in Looking For Guild

Dissect [Dc] is an established guild that will focus on creating an environment for experienced players to internally compete and converse to refine and perfect fractal tactics in a static group setting.

We are looking for people that want to improve on their individual ability both on the level of class and encounter mechanics. To accomplish this we want to provide an environment for a static group to communicate, compete, and share tactics.

We require our members to have exceptional knowledge of Fractal mechanics and the intricacies of their respective class(es), as well as a good attitude and the willingness to improve.

From us you can expect an active community that strives for efficient and stable fractal runs, as well as the opportunity to learn and improve among friends with the same mindset.

There will be a trial process where we will evaluate your individual ability, as well as you knowledge of fractal mechanics both in team and solo settings. We will also assess your capability to think outside the box.

We are currently looking for a berserker for our static.

For inquiries please contact Sophie Benoit (Jin Su Liang.9036).