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Hi all,

I started running a regular API query that grabs match data from all WvW matches and scans for guilds that have recently claimed objective (along with what they claimed - camp, tower, keep). I noticed that sometimes the API gets stuck when, say, a camp flips, and it doesn't register the flip before it gets flipped back again. I've also seen some inaccuracies with which guild it says has claimed a particular objective, but I am wondering if it might just register the initial claimant and then not notice if the claimant switches later on.

Setting aside whether you think this is a worthwhile endeavor or not :) does anyone know if there are any issues with the API that would impede what I'm trying to do? Or should it work reasonably well in the long run, aside from the fact that it might not register every quick flip? For what it's worth, I think wvwintel.com has the same issues (as it should be hitting the same API).


  • Actually, I feel like I'm getting some false data from this. Basically what I'm doing is pulling "claimed_by" out of pages like https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/wvw/matches/1-1 , but often the results don't make any sense. That is, I look up the guild code in "claimed_by" and it doesn't match the guild I actually see in-game. In fact, I'm seeing guild codes that aren't even from the right servers (e.g. I have seen a Fort Aspenwood guild show up as the owner of an objective held by blue, which is NSP).

    Are there known issues/fixes? From what I can tell, sites like http://www.wvwintel.com are sometimes more correct than what I am pulling directly from api.guildwars2.com pages, even though I would think we're using the same API...