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Druid Help!

Thanks in advance for any advice

I came back to the game after a significant break. I had done crafting and fractals, so have some decent gear, but probably need some guidance regardless.

I was playing a DPS Druid, so have mostly Zojja Ascended armor (minus gloves/boots), but what are the best methods for getting Ascended/Legendary weapons? (Which are better?)

Separately, for play style, where is the most up to date information? I've been criticized recently for healing and such, but I'm not sure how to improve. Abilities have clearly changed since I left, so I likely don't have the best build.

If anyone can spell out a few of the builds and the best stat combos. Additionally, if there are any YouTube or other videos walking through the basics of how not to suck (outside of just spamming DPS and not being a complete noob)

Thanks again!