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What's the best way to farm core Tyria masteries?

I'd like to have that sweet auto-loot as soon as possible, but I don't seem to earn core Tyria's exp just as quicky as HoT's exp (maybe thanks to HoT big experience-rewarding metas). Am I missing some events in core Tyria or it's really so tedious to farm exp there?


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    fractals and dungeons count aswell.

  • If you have LW2, finishing the chapters award easy mastery points. I got my Leader of the Pact masteries done easily with those and finding the mastery locations in Central Tyria.

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    Events have generally been an inefficient means to gain XP. Your best bet is to do metas which have a ton of enemies that give XP and then stack XP boosters.

    Halloween lab farm is the best XP farm in the game when it’s available. For core Tyria you can do the CoF farm but I don’t know how easily you’ll get people for that. Off the top of my head, farming the Orr metas May be worth it as they have a ton of enemies with large groups although I don’t know if people farm them anymore.

  • Silverwastes. There usually is a squad running around there and you get lots of xp from all the events.

  • I would suggest doing map metas in Central Tyria to get your experience. Fractals count towards it. Silverwastes esp. if you get a good RIBA (red/indigo/blue/amber) train going on. You can also do world boss circuits, though they net lesser experience but you can get gear which can be turned into materials. If you're especially daring, you can also pitch in with Dry Top, esp. during the assist section which makes the Sandstorm meta (du du du...) spawn more things at higher tiers.

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