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[NA][PvX][Mixed] |RISE| Reborn Of Embers EST - Great group of crazy, patient people who want to help

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Reborn of Embers [RISE]
North America, Tarnished Coast and More!
Who We Are:
Hello! Claytotsu here! I am the recruitment leader of RISE. We in fact have 5 leaders (Phoenixes) who all specialize in various places! We love working with new members to achieve their goals they personally set!  Whether it's making gold via events, fractals, raiding, or even Jumping Puzzles. We have a large variety of types of people to help you with what you need. We even have a personal guild chef that will place down an ascended food item for all to have at events.

In RISE You will find:

  • A ton of clubs within our guild that peaks peoples other interests (including DnD, GW1, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Civilization)

  • A small family who wants to house more Embers! (Members)

  • Current, active, helpful - Would love to help with anything and everything as soon as we can.

What We Offer:

  • Mondays:

    • 8:00 PM EST - Guild Missions!
    • 9:00 PM EST - Progression Raids
  • Tuesdays:

    • 8:00 PM EST - Open World Event Train!
  • Wednesday:

    • Free day! You have an event you want to host? Even as a new member, you can host an event and have fun! For Example: GW1 night, PvP Tournaments, JP Tournaments, DnD Nights, RP Nights...ETC.!!!!
  • Thursday:

    • 8:00 PM EST - Low Tier Fractals
    • 9:00 PM EST - T4 & CM Fractals
  • Friday:

    • 8:30 PM EST - Beginners Raids, be able to learn the mechanics!
  • Saturday:

    • 8:00 PM EST - More Open World Event Train! Another chance to learn events and make money!
  • Sunday:

    • 6:30 PM EST - Kitty Blu's Boss Train! Fight, with our mascot Kitty Blu, against world bosses with the guild and enjoy the fun!

    • A maxed Guild Hall (Windswept Haven) - Zang, one of our leaders, customizes the theme himself to what is going on in the world!

    • Discord - It is very active and plenty of channels to discuss any topic outside of the game!

    • Peureki, our PvE leader, created a public spreadsheet that has estimations on how to make gold in various open world farms: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yh487baFzsbJARil-evNdrG3KOmoncEfurElBm0CzdE/edit?usp=sharin

What We are Looking For:

  • Active, friendly individuals looking to make a lasting connecting in a community guild atmosphere.
  • Patient players who are willing to help others.
  • RISE was founded with two rules in mind: Be excellent to each other & No drama llamas
  • No elitism or harassment - This is non negotiable. We are all here to have fun in a safe & nonjudgmental environment.
  • Don't be a stranger
  • Our community is a family and we want everyone to be involved!

How to Join:
Visit us our website (www.rebornofembers.com) to apply and learn more! Please view your application as our first meeting! Take your time and fill it out as thoroughly as possible. We like to get to know you a little bit in it. Give us a feel for who you are in those answers and let us see how great of a person you are!

If there’s more you'd want to know, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our leaders:
Claytotsu:  GW2: Claytotsu.6409      Discord: Claytotsu#9315   - Recruitment and JP Leader
Peureki:    GW2: Peureki.3647           Discord: Peureki#5452        - PvE (Speciailize in Open World/Fractals) Leader
Angst:        GW2: AllDatAngst.4208 Discord: Angst#5661        - PvE (Specialize in Raid and Fashionwars) Leader
Zang:          GW2: Zangster.3174        Discord: Zang#5001           - Seneschal
Juniper:      GW2: Penarddun.6827    Discord: Juniper#1935       - Versatile Guild Leader