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Crafting and WvW

Hey there!

I main a lvl 80 Thief and I'm wondering whether it's worthwile to start crafting. If so, should I take leatherworker and jeweler for armor first? And then on my Engi I'd do Weaponsmith and the one where you can get Ranged Weapons? Can the crafted weapons on my Engi be used on my Thief and vice versa with the armor? I'd consider training a chef and another discipline on a future ranger.

Let's say my aim is to fully max my Thief regarding equipment and perhaps after that (in the long run) Engi and Ranger.

I never even touched crafting, so any help and tips I will look forward to!

On another note, I'd like to try out WvW on Thief, but i only got an ascended dagger, brigandine from the vendor (my first 5 grandmasters leatherworkers marks from pvp) and an ascended trinket with marauders stats that dropped by chance. Do I need full ascended to be able to compete? Or can I try it like that?


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    Overall crafting can be useful, especially since it's the most straight-forward way to get ascended armour and weapons. They can drop in certain areas and some pieces come from achievements but if you want a reliable way to get it crafting is your best choice. But if you wanted to you can get a full set of top tier equipment without ever crafting anything, so it's not required.

    If you have a thief and engineer then leatherworker is a good choice, because they both wear medium armour. And yes you can give items crafted by one character to another one on your account. Just be careful you don't accidentally equip them, or add sigils, on the one who crafts them because that soulbinds exotics, meaning no one else can wear them.

    Jeweler is not very useful for equipment because they can't craft ascended jewelery, which is widely available from other sources. There are items they can make which are useful, but less so than other professions, it's more items for specific collections or certain legendaries.

    There are 3 weapon crafting disiplines: Weaponsmith makes axes, daggers, swords, greatswords, maces, hammers, and spears and shields. Artificer makes focuses, scepters, staffs and tridents and huntsman makes short bows, longbows, pistols, rifles, harpoon guns, torches and warhorns. Weapons don't match up as neatly with professions as the armour does, so think about which you're most likely to want. If you only have a thief and an engineer then weaponsmith and huntsman are most likely to be useful to you.

    Also you don't need full ascended for WvW. The difference between exotic and ascended is very small (I've seen it reported as about 10%) so whilst you will be slightly weaker it's extremely unlikely that will be the dedicing factor in a fight. You might need some defensive stats on your equipment (vitality or toughness) and a different build to be effective, but you could use what you've got while trying it out.

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  • I wouldn't go into wvw on thief. Engineer? Sure. But thief?

    Yes, thief is very, very good at ganking - and everybody hates them and if a small group spots you there is a good chance they will try to hunt you down. Since you are new to wvw, they will probably succeed. Rinse and repeat. Many, if not most coms who run mid to large groups won't tolerate you - if they tolerate thieves than most times only those they know will bring the skills needed at the right moment. There are many thieves in wvw, true. And they are a pain in the kitten. But while an experienced daredevil or deadeye is real headache an unexperienced one really is not. There are players who let the occasional zerg-ling pass by, but if they see a thief or ranger go all berserk.

    Engis on the other hand (especially scrapper with stealth gyro) are very welcome in mid to large groups - which are much much easier to places to be in, if you are just starting.

    Anyway, if you go wvw, find yourself some people to cling to. Like a public tag. If you see a tag, whisper, ask if you might join. Be honest that you are new and have no clue. Coms tend to be very forgiving towards new players - and might even give you good advice - or one of their trusted players might even go over your build with you. Do not expect it, all depends on the overall mood and if you are with the servers nice guy tag or toxic idiot tag. You will spot the differences quickly. Trust me.

    WVW can be toxic, but it can also be pretty nice. It really depends. But if you are open and honest, you increase your chances a lot. Also do not start kitten like 'but I have this-and-that-experience in pvp'. Nobody cares. Your pvp experience will help you in 1v1 or 1v2 situations. But it won't help you much if you and your 5 random buddies are trying to hold onto the lord's room until your map blob rolls in. It helps you even less when you are caught in a blobvblobvblob situation. Also damage is high in wvw. So be prepared to eat a lot of 10, 15, even 20k hits.

    And two last things: ALWAYS carry supplies. NEVER TOUCH THE TACTIVATORS.
    Unless half the map is screaming at you to pull (inclusive the tags on the map).

    About gear: exotic is fine. Really. Sometimes people are even running rare when they are just gearing up a new character (or they feel in the need of a challenge). You get plenty of reasonable drops - and with the grandmaster shards, reward tracks, skirmish tickets etc pp, you can buy yourself all the nice ascended gear you want.

    For crafting: basically what danikat said. Jeweler is pretty useless unless you need it for certain items. Leatherworker is pretty much must have, weapon crafting profession depends on the weapons you actually use (and sooner or later you will have maxed out all crafting professions anyway). There are good guides to quickly AND cheaply max crafting. Using item/guild boosters makes it even quicker and cheaper.

  • Okay, ty guys a lot, this was very helpful! Cannot wait to have a look at WvW! -

    Related to that, I really love playing Thief. I'm not the best but I just enjoy the feel of the class. Is it really that bad to play Thief in WvW? It's just that I'm more of a single player in gw2, and I don't have any friends who play gw2. The one who does, doesn't like WvW or PvP at all. I could be open to try Engi or Ranger (an otherwise I have a warrior, rev and ele), but I'd have to unlock their respective elite specs.

    Ty in advance!

  • no, it is not bad to play thief. It is just that everyone hates you. That is all.

    Ranger is just as bad btw. Ranger and thief are the two most-hated-classes.