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Problem with dialogue in game/fixed

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I dunno if this is supposed to be here, to start that off, but will post it and see what happens.

So my current problem in the game, is that dialogue with npcs, and char is messed up. If I don't turn away from the current npc that is talking, I can't hear their dialogue, while with char I play, I hear nothing. However, if I go into a new area, can be a cave entrance, a house, it suddenly works, but then goes away.
I have no idea what is going on, I've updated my sound drivers and everything, I want to enjoy this episode properly, but with this problem, I can't do it.
Didn't have it before, but got it now with Icebrood saga's latest episode, I don't really know what to do, have asked if others have this problem, none of my friends have this problem. Only that they got to face an npc when they talk to hear them talk, otherwise nothing happens. No idea what is going on, I don't have this problem with other games.
I just want this to be fixed, whatever this is, and get help to fix it, so I can enjoy GW2 to its fullest