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[NUTS] are a guild within the Guildwars 2 community predominantly from Vabbi but have pve/pvp members from ALL over!
Currently working on training people for pve raids!- after 2 sucsessful training teams turned to statics were looking to form a third!

We provide organised Guild Missions and Events We are a social guild who enjoy a good laugh whilst running together with regular members. We realise Guild Wars 2 is a game so try to keep it fun! We try to take on the characteristics of being Honest, Trustworthy, Fun-Loving, Inspiring and LOYAL We have history and experience as a guild from the beginning of the game and will understand the politics of guilds. We have our Guild Hall which is now fully upgraded (at present). We are not a dictatorship. We have a guild council where suggestions and concerns are heard and decided upon as a group. Promotions are decided upon as a group and reviewed at guild council frequently. Our Guild contains multiple Commanders in each field of play (PvE/PvP/WvW).

What are the conditions of being a member of [NUTS]: The first step on joining [NUTS] and to be promoted from a "Trial " to "Member" is to Rep nuts and join us on Discord! We understand you may need to represent other guilds for other activities such as farming, WvW, personal guilds etc however nuts should be your main guild to enjoy the social aspect it provides.
Members should partake in Guild events where possible but it is not a requirement we do ask most our members to be 16+ as the language on discord is not filtered!

message one of the following leaders for more info or an invite!

Fatal.8693 ,Lilith Lange.2036 ,Straider.7681

see you in game


  • Abbysial.6721Abbysial.6721 Member
    edited March 23, 2020

    Hi. I would like to join your guild, but haven't been able to reach you in-game :)

    I am a returning player, over several times. I have played most content and concluded that I don't like PvP.
    WvW is okay with friends, but not something I'd do myself :)

    I have played some time as a solo player since my last return, and would grade myself a decently skilled solo-player when it comes to mechanics, events, Metas etc.
    I have some experience leading and managing a guild as I have been a Guild Leader in a small-to-medium guild before my break from the game. I have also been an officer in a medium-to-large guild. I also have some experience as a Commander for Metas, Guild Missions, World Bosses and Bounties.

    Currently I am only looking for a guild for myself, but I might be interested in the option of my girlfriend joining as well at some point.

    I enjoy playing with a guild, but I dislike being part of a larger guild as one often get overlooked in such a guild. That is to say that I am looking for a guild where the ordinary member isn't overlooked or forgotten, where people play together and is gathered as an active community.

    For group content, I am mostly playing at Open-World and Dungeons. I'm not much of a raider, although I am interested in learning raids later on, if a guild have a spot open.

    I would prefer to stay on Vabbi, but if I find a guild that I enjoy playing with I can be persuaded to switch server if neccessary.