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I got a sudden display name change??

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Soo, based on recent events that have transpired it's possible that by SOME standards i've been using a somewhat edgy display name up until now, and I just noticed earlier today that it was randomly changed.. The new display name I have now doesn't even seem auto-generated, cause it's almost the exact same name. (just a swapping of a few characters)
Does anyone know if ANET employees actually have the authority to make tweaks to peoples display names without informing them? Cause from my point of view this could just a easily be an account breach if all I get is radio-silence from them..



  • Just to be safe it would be best to change your GW2 account password. After you do that I would send in a support ticket and ask them if they changed your display name for some reason.

    When you make that ticket make sure to give at as much account details as you can to prove it's your account. That will help shorten the time spent waiting for a reply with the answer you are after.

  • If your Display Name previously included the name of a drug, the CS Team may have changed it. When they change reported names, they use an anagram.

    Good luck.

  • You knew your name was "edgy"
    Since it's impossible to change your own display name, its obvious its from Anet and not an account breach

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    You have to adhere to the name policy or else they're allowed to change it without notice, it says so in the ToS.

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