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Laranthir? (spoilers)



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    Anyone else getting slightly hopeful that Laranthir's absence may have an actual reason after all?


    After what they did to the Spirits, the norn aspect of the Saga in general, and to my boy Smodur - zero faith in ANet's narrative capabilities. I'd prefer they not ruin Laranthir somehow as well.

    Might be the wise thing to do. I'm afraid it will end up like that but I still can't not get my hopes up. Oh well, the dissapointment to come is my own doing I guess.

    And slightly off-topic, I was not pleased by Aife coming all the way to the EotN and tell me almost the same thing we've been told for FIVE KITTEN YEARS about the Pale Tree's health.

    After having finally completed the newest episode I am still torn. On the one hand hope dies last - and so I'll continue to hope that they'll bring Laranthir back as the leader of the Vigil. He's been telling us that he'll replace General Soulkeeper in the event of her demise for years now after all. But on they other hand Jhavi tells me that "she's getting used to it" and that she didn't hear from Laranthir at all and my hope sinks. And considering how they treated other characters recently, like Smodur - oh my... But if they ditch Laranthir as the Vigil's General just because Sylvari aren't en vogue any longer or because it is considered good storytelling now to get rid of long existing characters I will be VERY disappointed.

    Sorry to kind of necro this thread but I had to get this off my chest. I like Laranthir. He was the one of the last of my favorite characters who was still around (usually my favorite characters get killed or booted out of the story), mostly because nobody was interested in him, and I made the mistake to think he was safe because of that. Guess I was wrong.

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    @Fenella.2634 said:
    I'm quite surprised noone has discussed Laranthir yet. Was he still Almorra's second-in-command by the time of Whisper in the Dark? If so, he should be the next leader of the Vigil.
    In the story I get the impression that Jhavi could well take this place, but maybe she is just supposed to take over the keep.

    Is Laranthir still part of the story, or did he resign sometime ago offscreen? If he's still around, he should return to the limelight very soon.

    To hazard guesses, he's either incarcerated or they've killed him off-screen. Laranthir just wouldn't not be back with the Vigil after Almorra's passing.

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