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[EU] Spellgarden[SG] Social PvE, RP | Casual | Small community |

Who we are
We are reopening this guild and looking for new members!

Spellgarden is a fresh new social PvE guild, intended for casual players who want to enjoy all of the game's content without having to follow strict meta guidelines. We cater to newbies and veterans alike and offer events across all of the game's content, including mapping, story modes and fractals. We aim to remain a small guild, recruiting no more than 50 members at most. We may additionally host a few DnD-inspired roleplay events.

Who we're looking for
We are looking for players who are willing to consider this their main guild and who are interested in getting involved in our activities and make friends with each other. Discord is required for our various events; participation is not mandatory, but appreciated. We're strict with recruitment and prefer members who show a minimum of maturity.

What we offer
We offer weekly guild meetings and missions on sundays. Other activities happen during the week depending on availability.

Some of our current goals include:
• Acquiring a guild hall,
• Succesfully finishing a raid
• Reaching 20 members

How to join
Leave me a message either through these forums or in game!


  • hi can I get a discord link so I can get to know the guild better
    I am a returning player to gw2 and have two max level chars.

  • Hey! This sounds like a fun guild, I've always been a solo player and I feel like I've been missing out on the social side of things, hope you'll have me in the guild!