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Stat selectable gear


I've been looking around the wiki, but can't find a simple overview of where stat selectable exotic armor is available. I know WvW reward tracks etc, and I know there are many other sources, but can't recall them. I'm looking to outfit a new character with HoT stats and was thinking of maybe not having to craft it...


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    There's actually not alot of sources, because the class-specific items (armors and weapons) don't have the new system and are restricted to a few stats. Your choices are pretty much from PvP/WvW, or from Verdant Brink in PvE and ascended trinkets from either LS3 or LS4 or both.

    I know you said exotic but the trinkets really aren't hard and make up the half of your stats.

    See this post for a list of specific items,

    Here's the quickest way:

    • Bladed armor from Verdant Brink (you need a successful T4 meta for chestpiece).
    • A mixture of backpiece, amulet, two rings and two accessories (make sure they're different!) from LS3 and LS4 maps. Try not to get everything from one map because it will quickly tire you out and make you want to stop playing.
      (It's worth noting that in LS4, you can only get ascended trinkets from Sandswept Isles and Dragonfall.)

    • Profession-specific ascended weapons from HoT or PoF, or Regrown Caladbolg for a few weapons. Ascended weapons can have their stats changed to anything you want using a Mystic Forge recipe (Note: You can't do this with Regrown Caladbolg).

    Weapons are the hardest part, you may want to try mixing gear stats in order to make this easier, e.g using Viper with a Bringer's weapon. You can use the build calculator at to try out hybrid gear combinations.

    Note that stat selection is no longer tied to zone, e.g all items have both HoT and PoF stats. Just not the class-specific rewards..

    EDIT: Added a few things to this post after writing it.

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  • Super thanks! I had completely forgotten Bladed was selectable, I thought it was fixed Berserker's! :lol:

    Yeah, trinkets I am planning Ascended from LS, and weapons are set, though thanks for that advice too!

  • Also an option but not possible right now are the Lunatic Armor sets from Helloween. They are stat-selectable exotic armors with the bonus of being ACCOUNT bound, not soul bound, so can be switched around your characters.

    The recipes cannot be purchased at the moment since they are tied to the Helloween Event, but they are cheap (relatively) to craft since they use the Helloween drops as ressources, which you are showered in constantly if you do the Helloween activities.

    Maybe worth stocking up/saving up on them for next year.

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    You can craft exotic stat selectable weapons in the form of the Shimmering/Tenebrous weapons but that requires having a HoT guild hall and cost guild commendations

  • @Khisanth.2948 said:
    You can craft exotic stat selectable weapons in the form of the Shimmering/Tenebrous weapons but that requires having a HoT guild hall and cost guild commendations

    Personally, I have weapons covered, but it's good info for anyone else that's looking!
    Note about the Shimmering & Tenebrous weapons: buy the Guild Weapon used in crafting with the crafter, not the character that will use it - they soulbind on aquire!

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    Bladed is my source of all things stat selectable. I stockpile them from bosses or if I run out, I just spend my excess VB currency

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