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Can I change my GW1 email to my GW2?

Way before GW2 had been released, I started playing the orginal Guild Wars, and when I created my account, I used an email for the game. Fast forward to when GW2 got released, I didn't even know you could link accounts, and I've known I screwed this up for years now, I just finally decided to post on here and ask my question. So when I created my GW2 account, I didn't use my GW1 email because of my habit of putting my personal email down and I don't usually put my regular Is it possible for Anet to somehow let me change my email to my GW1? I'd be able to link my two GW accounts together and claim my gw2 rewards. If so, that'd be great, since I wouldn't have to buy another GW1 game and restart everything.