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Jumping puzzles with T6 rewards

I'm working towards my first legendary and it seems Gift of Fortune is the largest gold bottleneck
Are there any jumping puzzles that I can park my alts at, that rewards primarily T6 materials?
Or would it be more efficient to park alts for gold and buy the materials from the TP?
Any other good sources for T6 materials besides laurels and material promotion?


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    There is the Antre of Adjournment in Malchor's Leap. Inside the JP there are seven small chests scattered around (fixed locations), Smuggler's Loot. These chests usually contain materials and have good chances of rewarding even T6 materials. They can be farmed by every character of your account.

    Note: Opposite to most other chests in this game, Smuggler's Loot does not scale with your character-level. So you can even open them with a level 2 char and still have the chance to loot T6 materials.

    A good source for T6 materials is the Map Bonus Reward, which can be triggered by either completing events on a map or using Pact Scout's Mapping Materials. Those can be bought from the PSNA (Pact Commander Tier 3 Mastery, Supply Line Management required), a total of 6 per day for 5,250 karma each. There is an overview about the weekly rewards on each map.

  • Your bottleneck will be the clovers.
    For the t6 materials: use volatile magic and gold to buy trophy shipments at volatile magic vendors.
    What I do:
    Buy say 20 boxes for 5k volatile and 20 gold.
    Sell t5 and lower, to make some gold back
    Sell some of the t6 to get back the 20 totally
    Deposit the rest.

    Took me a week or so to fill the 250's of Blood, Venom etc.

    In any way, you fill it cheaper than buying on TP.