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Will I be able to unlock enough hero and mastery points ....

Back to the game after a 4-year layoff. I'm trying to unlock the mounts and the extra 2 specializations for each class. I'm in Thorns atm doing the story. For the life of me I can't find or get to the hero or mastery points. The only thing I'm accomplishing is keeping the armor repair merchant in business.

Currently, I have level 3 springer, raptor and glider. Are there enough points in other areas to get what I need?


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    If you're on a US server I can help you with both, though I'm away for a week on tuesday. Hit me up in game if you want. We'll have no problem getting most of the stuff you need.

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    There are far more hero and mastery points in the game than you need to unlock everything, so you will be able to get all the specialisations and all the masteries trained and still be able to avoid some of them. Apart from the regional restrictions it's up to you which ones you focus on. With mastery points especially I recommend focusing on content you enjoy or want to do for other reasons. For example if you like Fractals it would be better to get core mastery points from there and skip the story achievements, but if you're more of a solo player and prefer doing the story you might want to skip Fractals.

    One thing I do recommend is trying the adventures in HoT and PoF. They're short and many of them are relatively simple so even if it's not something you enjoy it can be a quick way to get points and will save having to do some of the more difficult achievements.

    Hero points are a bit different because challenges in expansion maps give 10 points, whereas ones in core Tyria give 1, so it's much quicker to focus on the expansion maps but the challenges are generally harder. You can sometimes find 'HP train' groups in LFG who will go around all the challenges in an areas doing them together, or you can get to the location and then wait for other people to show up, or ask in map chat. Or of course ask your friends or guilds to help you.

    You can also unlock hero points by playing WvW to earn Testimonies of Heroics from rank and skirmish chests and then exchanging them at a Heroics Notary for scrolls which automatically complete a random PoF or HoT hero challenge. You need 1 testimony for each hero point, so it would take a while (unless you've already got a lot) but it's another option.

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  • In the middle of HoT you should have enough skill points for both classes.

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    Open achievements tab, look for anything with mastery icon of the color you currently need and then try completing those achievements.

  • @BadHealer.3608 said:
    In the middle of HoT you should have enough skill points for both classes.

    Not unless you have everything from Core too - there are 400 Hero Points to get in HoT, each spec need 250. Core offers approx 200, all from 1p challenges.

    Assuming no significant amount of surplus HP you'll have enough to finish one elite spec a little bit into Tangled Depths. Also, several challenges need masteries to get to without help.

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    I started to play a few months ago. It's very easy. As for hero points you need to grab them in PoF/HoT maps.
    Choose first specialization and rush PoF maps (raptor, springer with vault minimum that you need). You can finish 250 hero points in a few hours depends on you.

    Also you can grab some mastery insights (check Dulfy detailed guides dulfy.net/2017/09/26/gw2-path-of-fire-mastery-insights-guide/)

    Rest Hero points you can grab in HoT maps, some will need you to join group. It will took some time.

    Also you can grab some Mastery Insights and Strongboxes on each HoT map for some start to unlock some basic or even more mastery skills.
    Check guides like this dulfy.net/2015/10/30/gw2-verdant-brinks-mastery-insights-and-strongboxes-guide/ You will find more for other map in that site. In 80% cases you will need basic glider and some other things. But while you will progress it you will unlock all you need for it.

  • Create an account on gw2efficiency.com, follow the directions for creating an API key, and plug that in. Then data mine the achievements section on gw2efficiency.com for the mastery points you need. You'll find achievements and mastery points there that you didn't know even existed.

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    Central Tyrian mastery points will be a bit tricky as these require fractals and/or some expensive achievements to complete. The Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire mastery points have so much points in excess of those you need that you can easily skip some that you may find difficult.

    Hero points are relatively easy, but just take time. If you play a lot of WvW you can skip them by buying proofs of heroics from the WvW merchants.

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    Theres more than enough central tyrian mastery points. All lines maxed, got 22 left over. Still plenty to go, and completely no need to bother.

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    Let me introduce you to someone who has done video tutorials on how to get pretty much all the GW2 mastery points.

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    Just look at her playlists. You'll find the one with all the mastery points, as well as how to do a lot of other stuff as well.