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[EU] looking for communication active guild

About me:

  • 28
  • daily active, rarely during primetime though; most times between 6 and 8 pm and after 10 pm
  • playing almost every content the game is offering
  • wvw
  • good raid and fractal cms experience
  • pvp (newly discovered motivation for that one :D)
  • open world; achievements, pof and hot world bosses, map completition, ...

What im looking for:

  • communication active guild in discord or teamspeak
  • friendly and interesting people, where its fun to spend time with them
  • doesnt matter for me if you consider yourself as a progressive guild or a casual guild; all thats important for me is to have a good time, while im online!
  • takes a while until im getting warm with new people, so youd have to be a bit patient with me :D
  • no fixed represnetation. if i feel comfortable with the guild, ill do it anyway :)