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GW2 shelling (alt-tab) to win once, past 2 weeks

When I log into GW2 and start playing, within about 5-10 minutes it shells (alt-tab) to win. Funny thing, it takes two alt-tabs to get back into GW2 (suggesting it's still in GW2?!?). It never happens again during that game session.

I turned off win notifications completely, but that made no difference. Any ideas? I've had this same exact setup for 3 years now (computer/router/fiber), and this NEVER happened until just recently.


  • I can't say why yet but I can say you are not alone. I am leaning towards a windows update. My system started doing this for me with other games as well. It might be a service delaying start up? In my case I often start up and then jump into gw or whatever I am going to play this happens I go back in and that is the end of it.