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[EU] Looking for a laid back LGBTQ+ friendly guild that also tries raids

Hello, while I made a different post before about looking for people I decided to make another one but this time more specific as I'm actually trying to find an active guild since my previous/current one is totally dead. I'm desperately trying to get back into raiding after my initial group disbanded, became inactive and overall abandoned the project with the release of w2. So I'm looking for perhaps a away to find my way back to it and hopefully find people who aren't manifested into an elitist and toxic mindset and can forgive me to not act like a machine as I have a disability making hand eye coordination stuff on keyboards a bit hard for me (it can cause some pretty painful cramps for example) and since I struggle with a minor case of motion sickness. I'm more looking for people that are laid back and want to play for fun rather than wanting to be the best at everything. I'm also looking for people who do all sorts of other content as well (except WvW of course since I'm already part of a greater community of my server). My experience is that of a veteran of 7 years (also mentioned in my about section in the copied text) so that nobody makes false assumptions about me.
As far as it goes for what role I'd hope to cover within a raiding group I can only say this: I've only made experiences with heal or supportive based roles here and outside of this game and it's where I feel most comfortable with actually. So I'd like to maybe stay this way. I might want to try out something else for sure as well but only once I'm fully familiar with everything again. Despite all that I do have all armor classes available as full ascended by the way as well as max AR on one character despite me rarely doing fractals and when I do them I do them solo as I'm very anxious and paranoid of lfg.
I'm also ready to use discord/ts for organisation but here's why I'm looking for a lgbt friendly guild.... I'm very insecure about myself and how I'm being perceived and even with being on hormones I'm always afraid that my voice may still not sound either like my age or gender and I had several people in several guild making fun of me because of that. Not just making fun of me but also harrassment and some very gross insults that I wouldn't want to repeat.
Just as a warning: I might also be a more difficult kind of character as I'm fighting with depression for several years now and I tend to have phases where things can be pretty bad. I also tend to put all the weight upon my shoulders and easily say sorry or feel guilty for something that isn't my fault. (For example when certain mechanics like on Gorseval wipe the entire group despite me knowing about them) I do tend to be too hard on myself but I aim to better this by having more regular experiences with others. Anyways I'm very anxious and very paranoid which is mostly the reason why I try to avoid certain things like lfg as I'm always afraid people will judge me for every little step I take, skin choices, small mistakes caused by my hand stuff etc. and think bad of me. I always feel a certain need to prove and explain myself to everyone. I don't know since when this manifested within me but I can say for sure that it wasn't always like this while playing the game or any other games. I hate that my real life has actually swapped over into everything I do in a game which has killed all of the actual fun for me and I really want to change that. It might all just be because I'm very insecure about myself and how work related things will play out for me in the future. So to wrap it all up I'm more of a pessimist than an optimist but I plan to change that and I'm already working on that behind the scenes.

Overall I just hope to find some friendly and laid back people within the raiding community so I could get back to it.

Overall here are a few things about me that I've mentioned in the other post as well (some things have been adjusted and some might repeat with the above):
I’m Hunter
I'm 20 years (or will be at the 30th of this month). I’m a trans man (I’d really love to meet another trans people in the community too!) from Germany who loves the lore, the beautiful landscape and a lot of other things. What I do mostly ingame is very random. I do a lot of stuff actually like story (even if I do it for 1000 times), RP (actually only with myself because I haven’t found anyone and I’m not sure how to to it), developing stories for my characters (I’m currently sitting on a big novel project about my characters for over two years), enjoying the ambience and some more. I’m not into stressing myself or others, I prefer doing stuff chilled. (So that means no speedrunning or toxic elitism) And yes, I know what I’m doing! I’m a massive ball of anxiety, paranoia (for example: I’m always afraid of others judging me and thinking I’m bad even if I don’t have to worry because I do play since start but that was on a different account I lost when I had a break from 2014 to 2015. So I returned on this current one September 2015) and depression. So please be nice to me.

If you can offer something please contact me either ingame (Cynder.2509) or on Discord (Hunter#9090).
I hope this text post isn't too messy and I apologize if there are mistakes. I might have rushed this a bit as I'm kinda desperate at the moment.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

I'm Hunter, he/him
Character infos: https://is-it-because-im-charr.tumblr.com/charactersgw2