[NA] Looking for a guild of jumping puzzles and/or beetle races lovers. — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[NA] Looking for a guild of jumping puzzles and/or beetle races lovers.

Hello, I really like jumping puzzles and beetle races and I probably spend half of my time in the game creating new ones in the guild halls.

The only problem is that I cannot find anyone to try them. So, I post here in the hope that there is a community in this game that like making and testing jumping puzzles and beetle races as much as I do :)


  • Here is an old thread about some of the puzzles I made in the past: https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/community/creations/Afala-s-Jumping-Puzzles

    Balloon Festival

    My idea behind this puzzle was to create something that fit in with the decor of the guild hall. I didn’t want it to look like a jumping puzzle at all. Since the market was always making me think of a festive place I decided to add balloon everywhere and that’s how the puzzle was born.

    Floating Rocks Adventure

    My idea when creating this puzzle was : “adventure”. Think like if you were that adventurer discovering this mysterious path in the branches and those floating rocks wondering : “But who put those torches there? And why are those rocks floating!?”. Then you just keep going as you are thrilled to discover what lies at the end…

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