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[NA] Tarnished Coast (PvX) LFGuild. Returning player

It's been a few years since I've played last but I'm excited to get back into GW2. I've got the latest expansion just a few days ago. I'm still a little behind has far as content completion. I will bring to the table a lvl 80 Warrior and a 3 low-mid 20's secondaries. My warrior has Armor and weaponsmithing but not able to make the ascension stuffs. I think my weaponsmithing is at 215 and armor is at 180ish.

I'm a casual to semi hardcore player. I like to explore the world and take my time doing it. I was a master cartographer in Guild Wars back in the day. Spent many hours wall scraping to get that last percentage point. :)

Combat wise I have new skills to learn but that shouldn't take too long to get the hang of the system. Just a matter of using it long enough to get my muscle memory to remember. I'm down for WvW, PvP (sort of, not my strong point). Mostly want to get out there and do some team building with the events and whatnot.

I have a discord account so that's no issue as far as voice goes.