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Astralaria collection 4 and Arah

As the title says, I need an item dropped from Risen High Wizard in Arah, for astralaria 4 collection. The thing is that preevents are bugged, you cant progress the chain that leads up to the Risen High Wizard.
Does anyone know how often the defense event comes up at the arah dungeon wp? Cause i have sat there for a long time, and the event didnt pop...


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    I don;t remeber the timing anymore, but one thing you should know is that there are two defence events. They are called the same, but only one has Risen High Wizard. Another thing to consider is that in the defence that does spawn him, he is spawned at the very beginning, and sometimes (if there are other players around) can die within seconds - and the collection won;t progress if you have done the event but didn't tag the wizard.

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