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[NA][PvX][SOCIAL][DATE] The Dating Guild is Recruiting!


Hello there! This guild always gets mixed reactions, but our mission is to bring people together! No one likes to play alone!

That said: FRIENDSHIP is just as valued in our guild! Don't think you'll meet anyone special? Not currently looking? No problem! Come and enjoy the camaraderie!

Another thing: Don't join this guild if you're under the age of 18. Seriously, don't.

Anyway, on to what the guild is about, which is making connections, and building those connections! Ever wanted someone to play the game with? Ever wanted to share the magic of Tyria with someone special? Well, that's what this guild is all about. We provide a platform where individuals can meet and mingle with others over their mutual interest in Guild Wars 2!

The only REAL stipulation of joining is this: don't be surprised if someone flirts with ya!

Our discord may seem a little complicated when you first join, but safety is a huge priority, and it makes things so much easier. Just follow the instructions and come hang out.

Well, I suppose there's not much else to say! Our guild is simple and does simple things. What do you expect from a PvX/Social guild? :P
Speaking of PvX, our guild missions are mixed, so come prepared for anything!

As I end my post, I'd like to say this guild is fairly new, but quite active~

I can be contacted in-game at Clara Starlight.5890.

Rosain.2718, Neirin.3507, SaRawr.8613, Omar.9708 can also be contacted, as they are officers.