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Casual LFG on YB- PVE some WVW - Eastern Time Zone

I play during server reset but have time to shift things around.
I am not a very good player, but I'm looking to learn. I have been playing since launch but the stats and intricacies of things kind of get lost on me.
Currently mainly playing my healer Scourge - if it's easy, I like it! I do understand what CC is and just tend to wander on my own or zerg/do metas.
I haven't played all summer due to some traveling so I am interested in getting back into things and want a group of people who can back that up.

Playmodes I am into are: Fractals, Dungeons, Guild missions, and just hanging out with fun people who don't take things too seriously.
I don't need a niche group of people or dramatics, just some fun.
If you like funny drunk people whose social awkwardness melts with the right group and enjoy people sharing pictures of pigs and tasty food (not associated) - I am your type of friend.