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Tremendous performance drop in Casino


It seems like old crook Zalambur doesn't only want my money, but also all my PC can give. I made a little test :
1. Outside of casino, looking towards the street, I put every graphics option to low, and I was around 40-60 fps at that moment, only by standing idle.
2. I get inside the casino, near the cashier, and only by standing idle, my FPS drop to 10.

It's just wicked. My guess is it comes from all the confettis that fall from the ceiling, and I'm not even sure of that. I don't have much to do there, so I don't care much about the casion, but...
My computer is a bit on the edge, regarding performance. I'd really love to enjoy the game and the new maps with a little more quality than the cheap hawaiean pizza it looks like with low settings, and I know I could set some things up without too much trouble, aside from the random choking and agonizing of my computer in some places. How am I supposed to correctly tweak what I should turn on and off, if I can get a 30fps drop caused by a single environmental effect even at low settings ?!

No answer expected. I'm just venting.

Look at that—you broke Scruffy's sarcasm meters. ~ Taimi.