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[NA] [Casual] [PvX] Psst.. looking for a [KULT]?

Well hello there.. wanna join a cult? Bah! Of course you do! [KULT] is looking for new sacrifices-AHREM-members!
What we want is a casual community where people can hang out and have a blast playing together!
Our game is PvX and by that we mean the members decide what content we play. However atm we mainly focus on Fractals, Dungeons and helping whoever needs it. Interested? KEEP READING THEN ;D

  • Because here comes the formal stuff!

We're looking for those fellow gw2 players who can handle foul language, dark humor and who are not easily offended.
HOWEVER!- We want to create a society that welcomes all. Your ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation doesn't matter. You can identify as a toaster and we'll still welcome you with open arms.

We're working on getting a proper event schedule up and running.
Events are separated into two distinct types, "Guild Events" and "The Guild Helps You".
An example: On "Ragnarok" we do Guild Events that benefits all of us, and therefore the guild.
On "The Reckoning" the guild gets together to do whatever activities was voted highest that week, and by that do whatever the members needs. The Guild Helps You.


  • As a Prophet or The Ancient One there is no excuse for not attending Ragnarok (Guild Events), except for real life issues or time zone issues.

  • Attendance to one Ragnarok per month is mandatory, unless you contact The Ancient One or a Prophet for an exception.

  • The inactivity kick is after 4 weeks, this will have an exception made, should you let guild staff know that you will be gone by posting in afk-or-leave-notice.

.. seriously.. just don't be a kitten! No racism, no sexism, no harassment. Everyone is welcome here. You get one chance. If a Prophet (officer) or The Ancient One (leader) contacts you about bad behavior, and you do it again.. you're out.

So to put it simple.. if you don't attend Ragnarok (Guild Events) once a month or if you are offline for more than 4 weeks, without informing us, you will be kicked. We want the guild to be active. If you get kicked you are more than welcome to join us again if you so desire.
.. and don't be a kitten. It's as simple as that.

We are also looking for officers/prophets! We're a small guild who just got back from hiatus, and we would love to have some new blood thirsty beasts join us!

If you've read all this and you're interested, contact me on Discord or in-game!

Hope to get us some new kultists ;D