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Character for every game mode

I'm playing in GW2 for a while. Right now I'm looking for some class that I can play in every single game mode. I need something that I can use for every single wing raid, for T4 fractals and also it will be preety good in PVP/WvW. I know that this is possible but I have no idea what to choose. It could be something hard to learn idk. But I'm bored of playing warrior :anguished:

I apologize for my english.


  • Taygus.4571Taygus.4571 Member ✭✭✭✭

    guardian. Dragonhunter is excellent dps in many raids, then there's condition forebrand, quickbrand etc.
    Quickbrand healbrand are useful in fractals.
    And firebrand is OP in pvp.

    There's also warrior..bannerslave is used in raids and some fractal parties, and spellbreak is strong in pvp.

  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Guardian is your best bet since you have a warrior:

    • Firebrand in WvW is going to remain meta due to stability
    • Dragonhunter / Quickness Firebrand in Fractals
    • Firebrand support or Core Guardian in PvP
  • Yeah, Guardian excels in every game mode and is also fun in the open world. Warrior and Necro are also solid picks. Thief can work as well, it's more of a selfish DPS class but can be traited to share boons in group content, although this is not as common or versatile as the other traditional support classes.