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[EU][Raids] Looking for that Guild Wars 1 top guild vibe with no strings attached

Dear all,

I'm a veteran Guild Wars 1 player from the old TRL Guild that was in the YAWN alliance together with NAME, DS, LoD and other speedclear record holders.
Now I am not pushing any records anymore but I would like to join a Guild who have experience in all 7 wings in Guild Wars 2.
I'm in university and I work but I have some free evenings every week where I have the chance to join you in all raids.

My experience:
Wing 1 - 4 : I have lead a raid teaching guild in these four wings and I'm very experienced on all classes and roles in every encounter.
Wing 5: I can only chrono but I never fail at dhuum off chrono :x (still learning chrono tank for dhuum)
Wing 6: PDPS/Chrono/Druid for first boss, chrono at largos and chrono tank on qadim
Wing 7 : No experience yet. I just got back to the game.

What I'm looking for is a guild that can help me get the experience in wing 7 and in exchange I will be helpful, friendly and maybe we'll become friends :P

Again, I can't say if I'm online at a specific time of the week due to work and studies so I'm looking for a laid back but forward striving community/guild.

Thank you for considering me.

I hope you all have a lovely day and maybe see you ingame.

Contact me on this form or ingame Cafe.4832.