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GW2 Main and Personality

Hi all!
Some of you may have already seen this post on Reddit, but I wanted to share it here to ensure a large pool of participants!
I have created a survey that seeks to explore a possible relationship between an individual's main class and their personality (based on their MBTI personality type).

Here's a link to the Reddit post for those of you that are interested

Thank you!


  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for doing that. But it would be quite innacurate and non representative of the whole playerbase.

    I'm interested in 2 things, the relation between the profession and the types of intelligence you have (musical etc cf

    And the relation between chosen race and personnality. But for both, well I'm not fan of your website. It would better require a google form with yes/no questions about as exemple, what is your favourite school subject, are you curious or not, are you more scientific of philosophical....
    Do you have an artistic talent? Well, more individual oriented than global question like "you like to be with others?" ~no ~meh ~dunno ~probably ~yes..... multiple choice = doubt.

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