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Forum voiding + sign in some mobile browsers

I use a + sign in my gmail so I can help verify whether the sender is not a scammer.
"[email protected]" for example, the +00 does not change the fact that it will go to [email protected] but does serve as a flag for me as to where the sender got my email.

However on the new forums on my phones browser and chrome it was telling me the email or password was invalid, out of curiosity I asked to request a new password (even though I knew it was correct) and it showed my email with a space in place of the plus. This means most likely on some browsers the email field is not properly escaping the + in the code. I was able to download a different browser and login fine. But I still cannot log in on chrome or the default phone browser. Please fix.

Full Counter is supposed to counter everything, why else is it called FULL Counter... Just like 100 blades should really hit 100 times so you instantly die to retaliation.

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