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ANYONE else Experiencing THIS PROBLEM.

Since Friday I have experience FPS 24 and PING 1,480. YES you read it right, PING 1,480, not only in WvW but also in PVE. I HAVE NEVER had that before. I already checked my internet connection and company and nothing is wrong,, No updates, no streams, no netflix (dont have); rebooted my router and still the same; and this only started Friday No other games are doing this but GW2. Is there something going on with GW2 that Anet is not fixing. This is so discouraging that it makes you want to not play the game anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this since Friday?? Oh btw I live in New York and the internet connection is awesome.


  • Hello fellow New Yorker. Can confirm my ping is spiking as well. Normal ping for me is around 60, but after this week's patch I've been spiking between 300-900 and have hit even 2000 a few times. It fluctuates a lot every few seconds. Router/Modem both restarted, restarted computer (several times), connected directly to modem and nothing. And just I just finished running a client -repair and still getting 200 ping. So good news for you I guess is you are not alone.

    Not sure about you, but I've noticed the ping seems to be particularly terrible during reset. Seems to fix itself around midnight though. I've wrote a ticket to support a few hours ago, I suggest you do the same if you haven't already.

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    oh thank you,, I will put the ticket in now. Ive noticed it just started Friday night on reset and it is horrible. I did the same with router, internet company, restarted pc,, cleaned GW2 files and even deleted the file and still a high ping. It feels good to say im glad im not the only one.

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    Just to be on the safe side: Can you 100% rule out any malware being the issue here? Also, is your OS configured properly so that nothing will automatically install in the background without your knowledge?

    Merry Christmas, by the way. :)

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    Yeah nothing is installing in the background and No Malware being the issue. This all of a sudden happened when Wintersday came about which never happened before.. Im still having the issue and its a week.. Hopefully when Wintersday ends, the High Ping will end.

  • For me, malware would be highly unlikely as I am highly cautious when it comes to my computer. I am the only one who uses this computer, I mostly only use it to look at reddit, youtube, and play my games. If I need to surf the web for something or see an email I wasn't expecting then I normally use my tablet instead. As for the OS configuration, I had the pc custom built for me (mainly to play games on) so I am fairly positive there are no unwanted programs running in the background. It is only recently I've been having these ping issues and I haven't changed any of the settings configuration, so I wouldn't understand why something would suddenly change now in all the years I have had this computer.
    Merry Xmas to you as well!

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    Merry Christmas to you also Xanthia. I have the same thing as you.. It is only configured for the game and having played gw2 6+ years this is the first time since December 17, (the patch) came out Im experiencing this. This is highly unlikely with my firewall, and Ive check the internet connection and speed and even called the company and they did a diagnostic and nothing is wrong. It is the new patch that came out. OMG I cant even imagine if Anet doesnt fix this whtat the new content will do to the ping lol Anyway lets hope and pray it gets fixed.. Ive even done what Anet told me to do step by step via email and still getting pings 1,900 even in pve when the map is empty lol.

  • I'm East Coast as well, Georgia, but my ping rate is under 100 here. For everyone having this issue, my suggestion would be to run ping plotter and a trace-route. The issue is most likely going to be someone in between point A (you) and point B (the game). I've seen it before a lot over the last year, where one ISP is suffering packet loss due to a bad hub in the network. They cannot see packet loss at the modem, but we can see it from our end clear as day.

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  • So a quick update on this. I have been talking with support since making this post to try and resolve the issue. I am not going to go into a huge amount of detail, but the gist of it is we tried a bunch of things and ultimately nothing resolved the problem. (And believe me when I say, we tried A LOT of stuff. Either the results were basically useless or they were ineffective in fixing whatever the issue was.)
    The reason why I am making this update is because as of early this morning, the spikes in ping that I have been experiencing have disappeared. Yup, the problem at least for me is fixed. I still have 0 idea what caused the issue-my only guess is something wonky was happening in the networking inbetween anet's servers and my computer. And before you ask, yes I ran a pathping and HyperTrace-evidentally the info wasn't useful. I have talked with a friend who was also getting similar issues as I, but according to them they are still seeing pretty high ping (around 900) so it is possible that whatever is causing the problem might still exist for some people.
    I am sorry there isn't much more I can offer, I wish I could provide a solution to anyone still affected, but in my case it was just a "wait till it fixes itself" deal.