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Merry Wintersday 2019

12 Steel Legionaires a-drumming
11 Peasants a-piping "I'm rich, you know!"
10 Lord Farens a-leaping
9 Lady Kasmeers a-dancing
8 Stinky cows a-washed
7 Swan dives for achieves
6 Skyscale eggs a-laying
5 Ascended rings
4 Calling hyenas
3 Guild chicken races
2 Bird mistlock instabilites
1 Risen chicken on a Wintersday Tree!

Happy Wintersday everyone!


  • Happy Wintersday to you too! ❄️ ⛄️ ❄️

    "There is little love for those of my kind in this place, yet I am here to help save them all. To those who matter, actions speak louder than words and my actions shall echo across this city for eternity until all recognize the honor of the Tengu race." ~ Talon Silverwing