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short story. Thorny Wintersday.

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Did the title catch your eyes? Or do we have something in common…
Anyway, it is time that I told you the story about how your precious queen became an illusion.
It happened in your world two years ago… Or even longer… I cannot recall time passes differently in the underworld if it is ticking. I was being punished by Grenth for what I did. However, I managed to escape that treacherous place and ended up in the realm of the Mad King.
I should not have trusted that doorway that has a clock attached on it.
To sum up the introduction. I made a deal with King Thorn after I managed to get in the Clock tower. What an awful puzzle it was. I am allowed in the world of the living if I ended the fake Monarch of Kryta. He showed me the royalty tree, which bothered him. He wanted to restore it. I really did not care. But we had something in common…

And so it began. 1330 AE.

So this is what the Krytans call Halloween. I thought. I understood that I needed to stay in the shadows… Hah Shadow. I laughed. Even Anise did not realise that Thorn kept on eye on Jennah from her cat.
I had a plan, I wanted to be employed by Tixx. I could try and chase after him. However, waiting for him until Wintersday would be more efficient.
I travelled to a bandit cave near Divinity’s Reach. And waited my time out.
I heard that the Commander was going after King Yoko. Even Thorn would be pleased if he was dead. But I have to say that I could enjoy this world more without the voices in my head.
“Hey, Rookie! Are you paying attention!” The leader of the Bandits shouted at me. He always was a little annoyed about how he couldn't get any work done. I cannot blame him. He was rather insignificant.
I looked up and stared in his eyes. I was bored.
“What” I replied with a monotonous sound in my voice.
“There is a caravan with equipment heading to Divinity’s Reach. It contains valuable material for Wintersday. You, Justin and Bob, are going to get it. So I can trade these supplies with the White Mantle.” He ordered.
I hate it to begin from scrap again. Then a sudden idea popped in my mind this could get me out of here and through security to enter the city.
“What an excellent idea, great leader,” I replied with a bittersweet lie, trying not to raise any suspicion.
I needed to get rid of these flunkies first…
“I am the party leader. So you better listen to me!” Justin shouted. He always spat while he was talking.
“Justin. Say it, and don’t spray it,” I replied.
“How dare you to talk back at me, rookie!”
I narrowed my eyes. I clenched my fist around my dagger.
We were hiding in the bushes. Until I sneaked away from them to the caravan from behind.
“Watch out! Bandits!” I yelled.
The look on the faces Justin and Bob showed me were priceless. I got the caravan’s leaders attention. I leapt towards Justin I knew where they were hiding.
“I promise that I will cure you of your existence,” I whispered in his ear. With a smooth draw of my dagger, I cut his throat. This is why they call it a cutthroat. I thought, a broad grin warped on my face. Bob must have seen this while a was shadow stepping towards him. His last moments like the number of letters in his name… Short…
“Hero you saved us.” The caravan leader said to me. He was grateful.
“ You are welcome. Luckily there were not many bandits.” I replied.
He must have seen the rags I was wearing.
“I want to reward you. Come with us to Divinity’s Reach.” He replied.
These people are so gullible these days.
“Thank you. I will.” I replied as kind as I could.

“Hold citizen.” A guard stopped the caravan.
“Good afternoon, Seraph.” The Caravan leader replied, and he showed the guard a badge. It probably meant that he could perform trading in this city.
“Who are you.” He spoke to me with a stern voice.
Lousy humans. I thought.
“This traveller protected my caravan from bandits. I want to give her a reward.” The caravan leader interrupted.
“Very well, thank you for defending Her majesties caravan,” The guard nodded and let us through.
Finally, I am making progress with this charade.
Moments later, I ended up in a bar. I looked at the other side of the road, and I noticed some familiar faces. It pained me with agony. I felt hate boiling up in my stomach. I recognised their faces.
“Do you know Marjory and Lady Kasmeer? Rose.” The caravan leader implied.
So, Marjory and Kasmeer. I thought I remembered it all too well now.
“I should pay them a visit soon,” I replied with a wry smile.
I got some new garment from the caravan leader and could join the gala this evening.
So I did. I walked to my room and saw a masquerade’s mask laying on a shelf. I took it and remembered what the Caravan leader told me during the trip. That there will be “the day before Wintersday gala” at her bar.
I should pay a visit to her bar. I thought.
I prepared with a glorious dress with the mask and headed to her bar. I was accompanied by the Caravan’s members.
“Hello, Marjory.” The Caravan leader greeted.
“Good evening, John. How are the preparations going?” Marjory replied.
“It is going as planned. It could be a disaster if my caravan was robbed. Luckily this hero saved us. Her name is Rose.”
Marjory stared at me.
“Thank you for your effort,” Lady Kasmeer joined the conversation.
“You are very welcome, my dears,” I replied. They did not know. I could laugh my leaves off. However, I needed to maintain my posture. Maybe I could find something interesting here.
My mask covered me and my identity. I noticed a small artefact laying behind the counter. While I ordered myself a drink, I simply took it, it is mine after all.
It was easy, maybe it was because Tixx made his entrance with fabulous music. The party’s atmosphere was celebratory. My cue to take my leave.
I headed towards memory lane the gauntlet. Tixx was standing in the artificial snow. I decided to talk to him.
“Merry Wintersday,” I said overly cheerful.
“Merry Wintersday,” Tixx replied.
“Can I ask you a question?” I continued.
“Sure. But keep it short. Time is ticking, I don’t have much time for talking.”
“I am looking for a teacher in designing toys. Will you teach me?” I asked I tried my best to sound sincere.
Tixx looked at me. His gaze went down and up again.
“With these clothes? You look more like a noble.” He implied.
“It was for a party. But I could not hold my enthusiasm until tomorrow. That is why I am here now.”
“I like your spirit. You are in. You can take that teleport-pad to the workshop.” He said and pointed at a portal which I used to travel to his workshop. I decided to start my next phase tomorrow.
The next day I noticed “players” in the infinirarium. Skritt had tampered with the production unit, and toys were malfunctioning? How could this be? I needed to investigate this. I also noticed that “you” the player wanted to do everything for presents and rewards. I decided to stay for one year with Tixx. So I could get familiar with this technology. It is weird and something I am not accustomed to.
In my dreams this year, King Thorn showed me visions Shadow made. There was one statistic I needed to get rid of. The bodyguard.

The Shining Blade… The White mantle… The loyalty she has with Jennah… Maybe… I could…

    One year has passed. At this moment I am a full crew member of Tixx. He taught me many things about the toys he created. That year I tried to implement what I have learned and create a Toypocalypse. 
It worked, and with the rewards, we gave the players no suspicion was raised. I knew how to use the toys as my army, I blamed the Skritt for the failure. As a bonus, even Toxx is vulnerable to my changes. I am keeping this façade and start project deceive the illusionist. The Orphans will help me with that, to set up my trap.
“Well done, protegee.” Tixx interrupted me, it made me cautiously close my diary.
“I have an excellent teacher,” I replied.    

I realised that I am not done with this phase, it infuriated me. The Anise statistic consumed time. However, she reassembles Caithe at some point.
Maybe she also has a past in her mind that torments her? I thought.
I decided that on this years Halloween to ask Thorn for help, on how to address this situation.
Long story short, I used orphan children and Logan to set up an “Anise appreciation day.” It is Wintersday after all.

1332 AE. Wintersday.

I set my plans in motions. I let the Orphans create a banquet in the name for her majesty. This is going to be fun. Last year I left a doll behind to impress Anise, so it could be Jennah’s bodyguard. I took cautious methods, so it learned and could blend in. Anise will go after bandits, I did not lie. I said I would pay them back, so I did. But it is time for me to wrap this up…
“It is the Queen!” One of the Orphans yelled, excited.
“Finally we can start the celebration.” The caretaker sounded relieved, she was not sure if she would come to the banquet. But my doll gave her a safe feeling and changed her mind. This was my opportunity to take her place and escort Jennah to her private party. I got a special banquet from the Mad King this Halloween, which I am going to put in practice.
“Violet. This meal made me drowsy,” The Queen said to me. 
“Perhaps you should take a nap?” I replied.

During her meal, I took my chance to activate my funhouse and the Queen could digest her invitation. A sleeping potion will wear her down. I don’t need much time, only one opportunity. I escorted the Queen with other guards to her throne room. So she could relax.
“Your escort is appreciated,” Jennah said, she sat down on her throne. This was my opportunity.
“Her Majesty wants some time for herself. Follow me to Captain Thackery, So he can take over the shift,” I said, with one push of the button I activated my doll. So it could take the place of Jennah. Mesmerising magic really comes in handy. With one push of the button, I teleported Jennah to my little funhouse. This is the second one I created, but now, no one will spoil my fun.
Jennah opened her eyes. She noticed that something was not right.
“Guards, how long have I been sleeping?” She asked.
No response. Jennah decided to walk towards the door.
“What is this?” She asked herself in shock. The guards were human-sized wooden puppets. Carrying popguns. She looked outside. What she saw was not Divinity’s Reach. But it was a snow landscape. The citizens were large toys.

How this story ends.

I wish you all a wonderful 2020. The start of a new decade :)

(ViperStrike Thank you for being an avatar of Jennah.)

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