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PvP/WvW Druid = not viable - Wishing Staff wasnt the ONLY way to play Druid.

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So i made a build for PvP/WvW seems to do decent kind of does the same thing Core does, where you pet swap into Gazelle and burst with maul, but adding the Glyph of Equality makes it a guaranteed hit and is fun to play with I've memed quite a lot of people but that is really all it can do, i never got to play druid as I'm newer to the game only started playing since 1 year after PoF released and wanted to give druid a try as i am a ranger enthusiast through and through :) Anyways , it seems one of the only ways to play druid effectively is to use staff and if you don't your builds practically useless.. IF the devs take a look at this post could we try to find a way to make other variants of druid viable? i can understand the pet nerf slightly because I've watched some old videos of how druid used to play but druid isn't really being played at ANY level of pvp/wvw now... i mean at least not Power druid, condi trapper seems to somewhat work. Anyways I'm leaving this forum to have people come in and give there opinions on changes others would like to see as well! Id like to note i want to try to get a positive post to Anet. I see to many kitten posts to Anet and I want to encourage the Devs not Discourage them.... Love ya guys :)! Thanks in advance to the posts :D


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    You don't need Staff to generate CA.

    Instead, all you need is Troll Unguent with WS traits. If you still struggle with the generation of CA, go with NM and take Windborne Notes.

    Anyways, Druid is broken and useless. All Staff skills are completely useless and also the glyphs.

    • They changed Serpent's Strike to a sequence, which nerfed the evade ''on demand''. (It makes much more sense to put Monarch's Leap -> Hornet Sting, or just come back to old ways)
    • Also, they removed the evade of Ancestral Grace. Lots of Druid in PvP played with S/W and Staff.
    • Add the Pet Nerf.

    Now nearly all Rangers in PvP use GS. So much for build diversity.

    After I finished Byz, I played with this Druid build : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POgAMFlFw8YdsQGKeSXrt6S8+cA-zZJ8QaUEkpUIaFgHHA

    As for Trapper Druid, it ''works'' because of Druidic Clarity and Ancient Seeds. Without Druidic Clarity, Traps builds don't work, because they take space on the Utility bar.

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    Druid is just kinda underwhelming. You can play it without staff as Krispera said, but then you have to use WS and NM to maximize your CA generation. Which kills build diversity. Staff is your best generator of CA, but the weapon is weak. I am sure there are better rangers than me that can make it work in a pvp/wvw scenario, but why when you can go soulbeast or core and do it better and faster.

    I would like to see some staff reworks to increase the damage output from that weapon, and look into our pets, because honestly, most are not worth using as they will not stick to an opponent. Some are situational, but there is a reason smokescale is used by most rangers. I generally run smokescale and owl. Smokescale for damage and owl for mobility mainly and the heal with resistance is useful as well. The chill is just kinda there for a little extra. I am experimenting with the gazelle since I saw Tryfox's Bambi attack from stealth on pet swap with Marksmanship. Kinda funny sometimes.

    Anywho, I understand other players frustration with the sustain aspect that Druid had but the pet damage reduction made it pretty much mot a viable option when put against core and soulbeast.

    I guess I am saying that the main thing that would make druid a mainstay at any dinner table would be >! butter .

    Thunderfro The Grey ~ Darkhaven by way of BP~ [HART]

  • Grey.3179Grey.3179 Member ✭✭

    spoiler fail, lol.

    Thunderfro The Grey ~ Darkhaven by way of BP~ [HART]

  • @Grey.3179 said:
    but why when you can go soulbeast or core and do it better and faster.

    Exactly this. I don't get why people keep trying to make druid work for PvP/WvW. With the staff 3 change and pet nerf, it has solidly become a PvE only spec. If you want to support, play guardian, engineer, etc. If you want to damage, swap to soulbeast or grab any other class.

  • Beddo.1907Beddo.1907 Member ✭✭

    The issue with going core or soulbeast in WvW is not being able to be effective in zerg.
    Since druid is a support spec then it's the best target at WvW changes.
    Also not everyone has other classes with gear to play or just don't feel like learning the whole class.

  • Just getting back into GW2 after a 2 year break. Druid still seems okay at mid tier. A little on the weak side, but okay if you play it right. At least, that's my initial thoughts after a long break. I've done about 12 matches so far...