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How can I know when an item will be available in the gem store?

I'm new here and I'm learning, and what I get until now is that some items are rotated out of the gem store and later get added and removed, now how can we know when the next rotation will be? cause I'm interested in some item that released just in last June "Mist Stranger Outfit" and its not available currently as it seems.


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    There is no way to know for sure. I think that's done deliberately: if it was on a predictable schedule you could forget about the gem store until the thing you want is due to appear. This way anyone hoping for a specific item needs to keep checking and following news about the gem store, which increases the chances you'll see other items you're tempted to buy. It's really annoying when you're waiting for something, but apparently sometimes annoying your customers can be an effective sales strategy.

    However it's extremely rare that an item which is removed doesn't come back, and there's no reason to think this outfit would be one of those, so it will be back eventually. They often do a big swap in the spring (March/April kind of time) so that's one possibility.

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    Just have to check every Tues and x your fingers. I have been waiting over one year for them to rereleas the unicorn finisher. Sigh

  • You can watch the Sticky, "News: Gem Store Offerings" in the main GW Discussion sub-forum, as well.

    Good luck.