Why cann't my mesmer damage an elite resen? — Guild Wars 2 Forums

Why cann't my mesmer damage an elite resen?

Why can't my Mesmer damage an elite risen?


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    Can you give more details?

    What map? What location on the map? Was it an event related risen?

    Without those details we can't really help.

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    Do you mean you literally can't do any damage to it at all? Or you're not able to do enough damage to kill it before it kills you? And is this all elite risen, or a specific one?

    If you couldn't do any damage at all the most likely reasons are either it was invulnerable because it's part of an event which hadn't started yet, or because you were above/below the risen and it couldn't get to you the game thought it was out of combat and it's regeneration (same as players out of combat health regeneration) was out-healing your damage.

    If you were doing damage but couldn't kill it that's a much more complicated question. It depends on which enemy it was, your level and build and potentially a lot of other things too. If you can tell us more about what happened we can probably figure it out.

    But part of the answer is that elite enemies are as strong as champions and not intended for anyone to kill solo. (They often appear during events, so you get the challenge of fighting campions but they don't drop champ bags, meaning players won't manipulate the event to farm bags.) It is possible to kill them solo, but it's difficult even for experienced players with good builds.

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    @retiredair.3876 said:
    Why can't my Mesmer damage an elite risen?

    What's your build and equipment? - http://gw2skills.net/editor/
    What map and exact enemy are you talking about? - https://wiki.guildwars2.com