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(EU) New Raid Static looking for Players

Rockytheripper.2395Rockytheripper.2395 Member ✭✭
edited January 13, 2020 in Looking for Group

New Static Monday 20:00. + Tuesday 20:00 (CEST) (Atm: 8/10)

What we are looking for : Knowledge of all bosses, will of improve as person and in a squad, no toxicity, no braindead dps races: mechs and squad above all.

In Orders of Classes we are looking for : Alacrene who can offchrono W5+6, Quickbrandheal (who can other offheal as well)
Requirements: 50Dhuum, 40Qadim1, 30Qadim2, Kp

If you have any questions feel free to Mail me : Rockytheripper.2395 or Nuvola.9460 ingame or send me a msg on Discord: devilsdisguise#1337