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semi-exp Druid lf opportunity to clear Deimos

Belisaria.8136Belisaria.8136 Member ✭✭
edited January 12, 2020 in Looking for Group

NA druid. I've cleared W1 a few times and cleared W4 a few times up to Deimos, whom I've seen to 10%. I'm really dying to have access to the skins from the Deimos fight, but both for personal reasons and because I feel like I'm up to snuff, I have no intentions of buying through it. I've lost all of my even semi-statics for raids at all, so if you think you've got any line to an opportunity for me, get in touch. Belisaria.8136. I super appreciate it. If it could turn into more opportunities to raid that would be even better, but more than anything I have my eyes set on this one clear.