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Starlight Wings Glider Issue

I've run into an issue where the glider is affecting the rest of my gliders' dye channels.

For weeks I've had my gliders reverting back to 2 colors even when I erase the dyes or change them, hit apply changes, and they're still those same two colors. It was happening on every glider I had but only on one toon. My other toons can't recreate this issue. So I repaired the client hoping that resolved the problem (because I was also having issues getting all the sylvari faces to load on character creation and in the total makeover kit), and needless to say it didn't. I went in today hoping patch had fixed something but it hadn't, and then I started messing with the dye channels on the Starlight glider. Erasing the colors that were already stuck on all of my other gliders worked, great. I switched back to my regular glider and it'd changed from the two colors I'd accidentally put on and have been living with to the first two default colors for the starlight glider. The Starlight glider is the only glider I have on this one toon that will dye and save normally, but all of my other dyable gliders will take on whatever colors I put on the first one. I sent an in game bug report before with my issue but that was before I found this workaround today, but it's very, very annoying.


  • Since it seems to only affect you, you might consider contacting the Tech CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below.

    Good luck.