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[EU][RAID] Dissolve [iT] Hardcore Raid Guild Recruiting

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[iT] Dissolve is recruiting!

We are an european raid guild with the goal to optimize every encounter to its maximum efficiency.
We strive to develop not only personally, but also as a guild, maintaining a positive atmosphere during our runs.

What do we offer?

— First of all, an experienced raiding community, members of which offer a support to each other and value a social aspect of the Guild;
— Several raids during a week, where we practise different strategies and implement our thoughts into life;
— A place, where people spend time comprehending and analyzing different strategies, while personally improving as players.

Our requirements:

— You are a social player, interested in personal improvement, speedruns and records;
— You are open to constructive criticism and feedback;
— You have an excellent knowledge of every released raid encounter, excellent knowledge of your professions, optimised builds for those professions;
— You understand English, you have a working microphone and you are able to talk;
— You have a stable internet connection.

We're currently looking for:
Support players;

After you apply to our guild, we will review your application and have a small interview.
If everything is ok, we will invite you on trials. During that period you will be able to have few runs with us and represent Dissolve [iT].
We highly recommend you to ask questions during that period, participate in any activities.

Are you interested? Feel free to fill the Typeform and we will contact you.
Application Typeform

If you have any questions, we're all ears!

[iT] tenkey#1789