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Fractal-Exclusive Recipes (Rune of Resistance, Sigil of Momentum)

There are 2 recipes that are exclusively dropped by Fractals of the Mist:
Recipe: Superior Rune of Resistance
Recipe: Superior Sigil of Momentum

I'm trying to get both. I recently have reached and am doing Fractal Level 30 and higher, and have achieved a Personal Fractal Level higher than 30, but still to no avail.

I'm wondering if the info on the wiki is accurate: "Acquisition: Boss reward chests from Fractals of the Mists levels 30+."

I understand that it could just purely be bad luck on my part. However, from recipe drop experience from other parts of the game (I hunted down the rune recipes of the gods in Orr), I doubt the game is that stingy with a recipe drop if you've met whatever requirements are needed.

Also, In the talk page for Recipe: Superior Rune of Resistance, it was noted that the "FotM levels 30+" info was from when Fractals only went up to level 50 (before Heart of Thorns/Oct. 23, 2015). HoT's changes to FotM includes: "Rewards for completing fractals have been reworked."

Thus I suspect it's not RNG but some other requirement I've yet to reach (namely a higher Fractal level, whether map or personal).

So I'd like to ask:
Players who started doing FotM after HoT was released: At what level did you get both/either of those recipes?
ANet: Any clarification or updated info would be well appreciated.
And for any general help on the matter.

Thank you!


  • Vinceman.4572Vinceman.4572 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Play fractals on a regular basis and they'll drop for ya. I can't count the amount of those recipes I got over and over again over the years. You just delete them and give no attention to them but they drop. Go on and climb the level ladder. It'll pay off because you'll be rewarded with a good amount of gold the higher you get in fractals. Of course those recipes won't drop that much on the lower part a.k.a. low levels.
    Be happy that you have to do something in the game and that it takes a little bit of effort. I mean come on it's really no pain to step up continuously on a slow pace.

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  • Well, I just got the recipe for Superior Rune of Resistance now doing dailies. From Siren's Reef (37) at Personal Level 44.

    Yeah, Vinceman, I intend to just keep on going (and what just happened is encouraging) until I get both, but trying to figure out the specifics would be nice for Wiki purposes.