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Sentinels Gaming Community [SoE] is Recruiting

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Sentinels is a multi-game online community currently in FFXIV, ESO, and of course GW2. Our goal is to make a fun, friendly environment to hang out and play our favorite MMOs or other games. We welcome veterans new players and everyone in between.

-Discord Heavy Usage
-Two active guilds
-750+ active members
-Fractals (T1s though T4s)
-Raids (Training and Static)
-Dungeon Runs
-Fashion Wars
-Meta Events
-Dynamic events
-HP runs
-Guild Missions
-Seasonal Parties

If this sounds like the guild for you, please send an in game mail to myself (xoz.2481) or Spades.2603 for invite! Please include your account name in the mail.
Ex. username.1234 Thank you.