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    So far - despite having played a lot of computer games in the past - I don't have much experience with other MMORPGs or MMO in general. I never played multiplayer modes of normal video games that you buy and play single player.

    I have tried WoW which I played after release for a few months. Never got higher than level 40 and getting the money for the mount was a huge grind. It bored me to death. Same with the asian grinders and other games. I also did not like the idea of having to grind the same dungeon/raid to get more gear to be able to grind the next one. (Gear treadmill.)

    Gw1 I bought at release and couldn't get really into it back then. (Got killed often at the first missions I think. The guides nowadays recommend the first made campagin ast last to play. :D )

    What I liked were a few "MMOFPS". I have never been that skilled to try getting into the shooter games you buy 1 time and then play online. But stuff like "Warrock" with lots of noobs (and the funny hackers) ... was fun and fast paced.

    MMO that are not RPG were boring most of the time. (Lots of micro transaction stuff on the market. Nowadays it is mobile games. Back then similar game mechanics more focused on playing it at the computer.) At least such stuff gets boring after some time. You discover the basics. Then it is same reapeated stuff with different item names, enemy names, etc. and they try to sell more item shop stuff to you while keeping you grinding.

    Then that game "Savage 2" - a dead game now. My favorite game of all the time. And it was online. 2 teams of usually 10-20 players (12-16 or so most of the time) an just 3rd person melee oriented combat with a bit blocking and attacking. Not that mich difference between skilled and less skilled players. But it was fun because of the stategies/tactics that came with the bigger teams + also the commanders teach team had. Commanders saw the map from an RTS view and could place buildings (they unlocked skills for each class you could chose chose after respawn). You basically build outpost buildings to spawn from and gold mines (gathering gold to build the stuff). Also the commander hat some buffs to give to the players. And team organized in squads. (Squad leader could sneak somewhere and place a spawn portal then have the squad spawn to attack quickly some building.)

    Yeah nowadays it is GW2 PvP for me where I hope for more interesting game modes. The PvE is fun because there is no gear treadmill. Fast paced leveling. (Basically reaching level 80 is just the beginning. Nothing to grind towards.) Story and different mechanics (masteries like gliding and stuff) were fun so far. Also the combat system with dodging and stuff. I try to do PvE where I need to catch up (played from 2012-2013 and starting again from 2019 so a lot to catch up) and PvP when I'm bored with PvE. Enough for me.

    Besides GW2 and anime no other hobbies (and no other games) so far at the moment for me. :D (Well every now and then some cheap indy game on Steam or so.)

    Tl;dr: It is more like other MMO (that weren't what I looked for) got me into GW2 and I don't want to get into other MMO than GW2. (Unless they offer PvP described to the gameplay in the game "Savage 2" I described above.)

  • @PeerlessArch.6547 said:
    Only other MMO I play is Lord of the Rings Online.
    Not the greatest MMO by all means, but being a huge fan of Middle Earth, there is no other game that does story adaptation better than LOTRO.

    Well the rights have been signed for a new lotr mmo, so i am just playing this until a new lotro arrives.

    That music system they had along with that awesome outfit system made things so easy.

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    i've been trying to get into other mmos but they just don't hold a candle to gw2 in my opinion. Everquest 2's combat isn't fun like gw2, just stand there and hit buttons until the thing dies, the story is meh, i even tried to play on the evil side to get a different story from what i'd usually choose but i can't play it for very long. i tried archage because the systems sound interesting but again, the leveling isn't fun and the story is meh. tried rift and that gripped me for a while but now it doesn't anymore. tried ESO and i found the combat to be alright but the story didn't pull me in either. i haven't felt invested in any game lately like I've been invested in gw2. I'm just eagerly awaiting each update and always trying to max out my masteries is a personal challenge that I've been having fun with. i love this game so much.

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  • @Mortifera.6138 said:
    Anyone else finding it difficult to get into other MMOs after playing Guild Wars 2? I tried to get into ESO, but I like being able to get into PvP right away. Moreover, the lack of grind in GW2 makes me appreciate it over any other MMORPG. I just can't play any other MMO now.

    I like the grind. GW2 is a garbage game for me that don't have any kind of progression feeling. There is no point of playing GW2 unless you like to waste time and get nothing. There is a much better singleplayer games out there.

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    I have problems not with other MMO's, but other games in general. Almost seems that Guild wars exactly is what I look in a game(world).

    Tried a bit of Star Wars the old republic, and while the story of the Sith is pretty nice, I would need a few pages to describe on why it is not even close to gw.

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    It's all about options. Sadly there were no decent MMOS for the past... idk.. 5-6 years? It's not that GW2 is perfect it's just that no one can offer you anything better. BUT you could try some other games (and i mean really try giving it a go) and you'll be surprised. That's how i quitted gw2 and played ESO/Warframe for the past 3 years. Recently got back in gw2 but... somehow i just see too many flaws in it (balance would be the main concern for me) I just can't get over the fact that Anet still cannot balance all their classes over so many years. Plus i get quite bored quite quick cuz well.. i kinda reached my "peak". Not many goals left in here. Doing same metas everyday.. same fractals..same dailies..strikes.. i just can't see the fun in that. It feels like you're just wasting time with no goal unless just farming gold for no reason. Idk but at some point it really just feels pointless repeating same activities that give you no results. There's no real "grind" so to speak that other games can offer. Of course raiding maybe would give some new meaning to GW2 and some goals but we all know how raiding works here with LI/KP checks where you feel like at a job interview talking about your experience/inexperience. So yes - it's quite easy to break away. Once you reach "endgame" point in gw2 and you kind of have everything you wanted and plus you find a good replacement option - POOF you're unhooked really fast.

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    FFXIV is the only other MMO I play, but even then the main reason I play it is because I like hanging with my friends on there. But lately both me and those friends have been a little more interested in GW2. GW2 has always been, and probably always will be, that game i keep coming back to. All of the nice QoL features it has over other games alongside the horizontal progression make it just so much better imo.

    The horizontal progression has made it so all the end game content ever released is still relevant for something, even if it's not always super populated. Sure, you can complain that older living world maps are somewhat dead and such, but there are at least still some people. I've never seen absolutely nobody else on a map. And the same cannot be said for older content in FFXIV; it took me weeks of sitting there doing nothing, waiting in party finder, to get a group of people willing to clear an old raid from the prior expac with me. And i just wanted what was really only a skin at that point because it was outdated armor. But most people don't want to do things that are even a patch or 2 outdated because rewards lose value so fast with vertical progression.

    Meanwhile, I did the Aurora collections at the end of LWS4, a time in which many people would say season 3 was basically dead, but i was still able to finish most things with very little hassle. Turning on a commander tag and posting in lfg was more than enough to find a few people interested in just doing stuff. And that's honestly what I love. Even when it takes a while to get new story content, the older stuff is still worth playing in the interim.

  • Atomos.7593Atomos.7593 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The combat system in this game is unique and fun. I find the combat in a lot of MMOs boring after playing GW2. The combat in ESO is the only other one that I have found to be particularly fun.

  • @crepuscular.9047 said:
    i dont even bother to touch any game remotely require grinding mob, no other MMO can hard carry casuals like GW2 does

    ESO is more casual friendly than GW2.

  • Katelynn.6593Katelynn.6593 Member ✭✭✭

    I love heaps of MMORPGs. It's just GW2 is the one I dedicate most of my time to.

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    @Mortifera.6138 said:
    Anyone else finding it difficult to get into other MMOs after playing Guild Wars 2? I tried to get into ESO, but I like being able to get into PvP right away. Moreover, the lack of grind in GW2 makes me appreciate it over any other MMORPG. I just can't play any other MMO now.

    To a point yes and no.. for me the grind in guildwars 2 is just different more like a mobile game type grind, things like ascended, legendaries, mounts etc.. yeah they aren't strictly needed but they still are a tedious grind.. I like GW2 a lot but i miss the day to day leveling grind, thats why i have 18 characters i love the leveling up aspect.. I just wish it wasn't just to 80 more like 160.. I do play other mmorpgs Fallout 76 and SWTOR are all excellent these days to me.

    ESO is far to painful latency wise and unbalanced classes worse than here, i enjoyed it but their megaserver is not friendly to Aussies.

    Gw2 is just a different type of grind.. Nearly all games have their merits.

  • I play ESO. I think every other mmo is hard to play after playing ESO because I love not having cooldowns on stuff and I love being able to search every cabinet, desk, crate, barrel, etc.

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  • jokke.6239jokke.6239 Member ✭✭✭

    Not at all. I'm playing Guild Wars 2, FFXIV and LOTRO .. Will probably check out the new WoW expansion .. Oh and Path of Exile (yeah not rly MMO, but still .. )

  • Henry.5713Henry.5713 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Guild Wars 2 does spoil you in many ways - not going to argue with that. But for me it is more like "It is hard to get into a new game now that I have played MMORPGs for almost two decades".

    It has become increasingly harder for me to find something new and exciting and not just another game you have seen a hundred times before, another game that has already been done better years ago. This is combined with the fact that I am older and far busier now. The old boredom that made you pick up any game you could get your hands on is long gone. Now I have to make time to play games which means I only bother with games that I thoroughly enjoy and games which let me feel some of the old "new MMORPG excitement" again. Those games are hard to find, though. And I doubt I am the only one in this position.

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  • Goettel.4389Goettel.4389 Member ✭✭✭✭

    What I miss most playing other MMOs are the meta events (I love casual open-world group play), account wide QoL items, the mounts (no other MMO comes close) and the leveling (I hate alting usually, but I'm nearing 15 capped characters here).

  • Zok.4956Zok.4956 Member ✭✭✭

    @Mutisija.5017 said:
    gw2 has spoiled me completely because it does not have the "kill 10 of X and collect 10 of Y" missions that are staple in pretty much every mmorpg ever.

    Have you played the Saga / Season 5 recently and looked into the achievements (the new way of quests/missions)?

    also in whole lot of other mmorpgs i am required to actively team up with other players to do group missions.

    Have you played Strikes and Raids? Yes, they are optional, but they do gate parts of the game/content/gear/achievements.

    GW2 changed a lot since it was released. Some "core values" of the game are still valid, but over the years a lot of different devs did not follow the "core values" but instead followed their own ideas and with this created a lot of inconsistencies. Not all of this ideas made the game better. - A GW2-Guild-Hall.
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  • anduriell.6280anduriell.6280 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This is perfectly normal. After investing so long in a game you are "burned" and unconsciously you don't want to invest the same amount of time in other mmo as you perceive it as a waste of time.
    If you realize that you will be able to enjoy other mmos.

  • Xca.9721Xca.9721 Member ✭✭✭

    I tried out FFXIV a while ago and I really enjoyed experiencing a different mmo than gw2 for once. The story was great (especially shadowbringers) and I would say the game is really beginner friendly, there are constantly tutorial tips popping up (if activated) and you don´t have to worry about the lfg, unless you want to do high end content. The duty finder is a really handy tool, but only possible because of the set roles (healer, tank, dps). You just queue up for a dungeon/trial/raid you want to complete and it puts you in a random group.

    What made me come back to GW2 were mainly 2 things:
    1) The QoL, you really start appreciate it once you miss it.
    2) The combat system. FFXIV has a GCD which really ruins the combat for me, it makes everything slow and boring.

    So even if FFXIV has a lot of PvE content (great dungeons, trials and raids) it´s all pointless when u don´t enjoy the combat.
    I guess GW2 has "ruined" that for me.

  • Gw2 is literally the only mmorpg I play. I get into one-players like final fantasy/legend of zelda and shooters like apex and overwatch, but guild wars 2 is special. I fully expect to play this game for a very long time.

  • GROMIT.7829GROMIT.7829 Member ✭✭
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    Because the combat and quest systems are not a ballache and you can craft exactly what you need.

  • @Mortifera.6138 said:
    Anyone else finding it difficult to get into other MMOs after playing Guild Wars 2? I tried to get into ESO, but I like being able to get into PvP right away. Moreover, the lack of grind in GW2 makes me appreciate it over any other MMORPG. I just can't play any other MMO now.

    Yyyyyep! I was already pretty well burned out on Final Fantasy XIV, just getting classes to max level, nothing too involved. I'm glad that my OBS (a streaming "engine", for lack of a better word) recognized this game after not doing so a year or two ago, when I played this game last (had to use some knock-off stream software that I got tired of. Can't remember the name). This game does things right that MMOs like FF XIV and WoW don't:

    • Level scaling. FF XIV has this as well. But unlike GW2, FF XIV also locks out any abilities that have too high of a level requirement for the area you're in. In GW2, any abilities you unlock are yours to keep for the entire game.

    • Trading Post. GW2's trading system is quick and efficient, buying/selling multiple stacks with one click. FF XIV's market boards only allow you to buy/sell one stack at a time. And you can't buy partial stacks either, it's either all or nothing. That gets very tedious if you have a lot of stuff you want to buy/sell. GW2's trading post consists of all the servers in one continent (North America and Europe I think), leading to many more options. FF XIV's and WoW's only allow stuff from your own server and that's it. Don't have it on your server, you're hosed. GW2 uses a "listings" system that's fire-and-forget (Runescape has this as well with their "Grand Exchange"). With FF XIV and WoW if they don't sell it, you can't (offer to) buy it. Check back at another time. :/

    • Crafting. Crafting in this game levels you up as well, killing two birds with one stone. It also means you're not forced to hold on to gear you've crafted, since you've probably outleveled it by then, unlike . . . . . pretty much every other MMO I've played. It also levels up pretty quick compared to WoW (FF XIV's crafting system is it's own animal). Back when I played WoW - about 5 years ago - by the time I'd get to a high character level I'd be able to make gear that was maybe half of that. No fun. :s

    • (legally) Buying gold/gems. Might seem lame to some, but hey. If I have more money than time,..... This feature might have me playing for longer, and with more enthusiasm, since I can do the things I want to do now, without being bogged down with stuff I don't care to do, like Inventory Management Puzzles and market board PvP. :angry: Maybe if FF XIV had something like this (you can only buy cosmetic stuff and level boosts) I wouldn't be taking hiatuses or doing half-hearted get in and get out sessions, due to burnout.

    All I can think of right now.....

    So yeah. Very hard for me to get into any other MMOs as well. This game is not without its drawbacks (Too many cooldowns - like lots of other games - first comes to mind. I like using all my abilities all the time, not just some of the time), but I'm pretty sure this is going to be my go-to MMO for a long time. :smile:

  • @Mortifera.6138 said:
    Anyone else finding it difficult to get into other MMOs after playing Guild Wars 2? I tried to get into ESO, but I like being able to get into PvP right away. Moreover, the lack of grind in GW2 makes me appreciate it over any other MMORPG. I just can't play any other MMO now.

    I'm glad that there are enough options out there to satisfy all types of people. I've never felt that way towards GW2. Haven't been able to play it long term since I started. Although I do really like it. I've always had to play it along with another game. My brother got me into it, he loved the original game too. My brother adores this game. He leaves now and then to play others but he ALWAYS comes back to this game. I like it enough to call it a "regular" game I play, but it's not my favorite by a long shot.

    I think I'm the opposite of you, where I find it difficult to play other games after ESO. I find GW2 to be VERY grindy in comparison. I also like the housing system in ESO, and I like sprinting, fishing, crafting, the story, the world, everything basically. I have an easier time getting into raids, have an easier time getting geared. I have been playing that game for years now, and I couldn't see myself ever getting sick of it. But my brother just couldn't get into it. (Actually, all three of my brothers couldn't really get into it, but my Dad loves it.)

    I read a forum thread, which I think was on the ESO forum actually. It was a comparison of ESO and GW2, and it was really interesting. But I thought the most accurate comment was the one that said that basically; "GW2 is a better MMO, ESO is a better RPG." I think that pretty much said it all for me. If there is one thing that no other MMO I've tried has done that GW2 really excels at, it's the open world meta events. They do that best, in my opinion.

    As for a game that changed how I play MMOs, that's gotta be TERA. After TERA, there has been no way for me to get back into games that make you stand in one place to cast skills. I can't do it. Even though I only played that game for a short time.

    But to me what's interesting is how different people get different things out of games, and I'm really happy that there's enough choice for people to find the one or two that they are most comfortable with. It's nice having a "regular" game. But it's nice to try something different every now and then, too.

  • coso.9173coso.9173 Member ✭✭✭✭

    gw2 battlesystem spoiled me. it's just so fun!
    also I love the amount of activities, jumping puzzles, map events, bosses, fractals, collections.
    the only thing I wish we had more is more varied armor skins, an actual day/sunset/night/sunrise and weather system, and more towns/villages with actual houses you cna enter.

  • Hehe, GW2 ruined another kind of gaming for me. Some 90% of my gaming before GW2 was spent in single player rpgs. The Final Fantasy and Shadowrun games were my very favorite but I played a wide variety of them. Recently I tried going back to one of the FF games I particularly liked but I just couldn't get into it. After the open world freedom of GW2, the very narrow, structured progression of the single player rpg is just too constricting and boring for me.

    As for other mmos, I've only played three besides this one. The first, back in 2005, was the Urban Dead. The graphics in that game were a notch above the XXOOXX style of early computer games but not by much. Plus you only had 50 moves a day, an extremely limited class system, and scarcely any resources. The real fun of that game was in the forums. The Malton Fire Department built up an online community that I still remember fondly to this day. Urban Dead is still online if you want to visit the early days of mmos. :)

    The one way GW2 has ruined me for other, more modern mmos is that after nearly three years here, I have such an investment in this game that I don't really want to go to another where I'd have to start all over again, especially since this one is still keeping me happily engaged.

  • GW2 made me leave the MMO-type games completely. It's all about stretching the play time as long as possible by grind and balancing everything to the min-maxing players. So I have to copy the min-max play style to get an acceptable combat experience instead of my own play style. Playing with others is cool, but the contents in MMOs is totally repetitive in the long run. Content is stretched by grind and time-gated mechanics, so you need to waste time if you want to experience everything the game has built in with things you don't really like to do. In addition you are pestered by advertisements and asked to throw money to shop or micro-transactions.

    It's all different with single player games. No grind, adjustable difficulty level, new interesting different content with every new game I buy. After GW2, the only type of game I bought were single player games, and I intend to keep it this way. They are more fun, their stories have more depth, and the only thing they lack is playing stuff together with other people instead of NPCs. On the other hand, NPCs don't cheat me, don't grief me, don't leave mid-mission, and I don't have to wait for hours for them to show up.

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    for my main mmorpgs, i went from:
    ragnarok online (2005, but i still login here and there) ⇒ final fantasy 14 (2014, hw 2015) ⇒ guildwars 2 (late 2016) ⇒ FF14: Stormblood (2017) + gw2: PoF (latter part 2017 then whole of 2018) ⇒ sw: the old republic (2019) ⇒ guildwars 2 (2020) ... each one of these replaced the former except during 2017 when i juggled 14 and gw2 lol.
    tried lots of MMORPGs/RPGs in between these games (to list a few: Guild Wars 1, Diablo 3, ROSE, Rift, Dragon's Prophet, Icarus Online, BDO, Archeage, Skyforge, Destiny 2) but none of them were able to replace the mmos i listed above.
    still, guild wars 2 is the only mmorpg i kept coming back to... since i discovered it, there's just something about the game i can't explain but really draws me in and makes me want to come back if i ever leave it. it's not the horizontal progression and definitely not the fashion (im not really a fan of the shiny-glow meta) so im not sure but i am definitely hooked into gw2 one way or another.
    the only other non-mmorpg games i play on the side is Path of Exile and Starbound

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    @Mortifera.6138 said:
    Anyone else finding it difficult to get into other MMOs after playing Guild Wars 2? I tried to get into ESO, but I like being able to get into PvP right away. Moreover, the lack of grind in GW2 makes me appreciate it over any other MMORPG. I just can't play any other MMO now.

    I gotta say, the colossal amount of quality of life in GW2 makes every other MMO feel like a pain in the kitten lol.

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