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[Request] Current Guild in Mumble API

would it be possible to to expose the current reped guild ID in the mumble API? I think it could be useful and would be way better then using the /v2/characters/ endpoint

-Tiny Taimi


  • Just posting this here from our discussion on discord.

    My originals proposal would bring the mumble API to 201 characters with a full 19 character player name

      "name": "1234567890123456789",
      "guild": "12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012",
      "profession": 4,
      "spec": 55,
      "race": 4,
      "map_id": 50,
      "world_id": 268435505,
      "team_color_id": 0,
      "commander": false,
      "fov": 0.873,
      "uisz": 1

    dsnider recommended guid -> bytes -> base64, this would result in a 24 character guid saving space.
    Ni recommended Base85 as a possible smaller encoding format