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Stupid question about agony resistance

Hi guys,

I just started doing fractals so I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. So I'm still in T1 and did not even reach 20 but I started buying agony infusions just to be ready when I get there. So far I have 4 +5 agony infusions and 1 +7 agony infusion all added to gears I have equipped. So that should mean that my agony resistance is 27, right? But when I enter the mists, the screen says that my personal agony resistance is 17.

My question is, why 17? Why not 27? Where does that remaining 10 go?

Thanks so much!


  • Astralporing.1957Astralporing.1957 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The simplest explanation might be if you have added some of your +5 infusions to your weapons - then they will be only counted if said weapons are your active set.

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  • That makes a lot of sense. And it might be the case. I'll check when I get home. Thanks so much!

  • Eramonster.2718Eramonster.2718 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Just my assumption here. Might have got it confused with "My personal fractal level" together with "Agony Resistance required". If the number is written in:
    "White" indicates you're alright or surplus,
    "Yellow" will hurt and
    "Red" will down the player.

    Players can check the total AR in equipment tab, same panel with stats.

    Edit: Astralporing's explanation makes alot of sense too.

  • It is likely caused by adding agony to weapons as mentioned above.
    I am gonna give you a tip. Buy only +7 and +9 infusions. You need roughly 50% gear +7 and 50% +9 to reach the hard cap of 150. Buying lower is inefficient and will overall cost you a bit more money on merging lower ones into higher ones.

  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The wiki on agony resistance has one, if not the cheapest setup possible (without additional AR from titles and such), as well as taking into account weapon sets to use the cheapest infusions (+7 on weapons).

    The most cost efficient method when using 2 or more weapon sets.

        2  7 Agony Infusion.png +7 Agony Infusions (14 AR)
        8  7 Agony Infusion.png +8 Agony Infusions (64 AR)
        8  9 Agony Infusion.png +9 Agony Infusions (72 AR)
    Total: 3200 +1 Agony Infusions and 47 Gold coin 59 Silver coin 80 Copper coin in reagents 
    Additional weapon cost:  7 Agony Infusion.png +7 Agony Infusion (64 +1 Agony Infusions and 94 Silver coin 24 Copper coin) for each slot
  • Reminder that for 18 total agony slots you'll need to infuse your backpack which should be around 45g~ + 500 frac relics + 1 shard.

  • Henry.5713Henry.5713 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This issue almost always comes down to you having no infusions on your second weapon set or at least different ones like +7s instead of +9s.

    Only use +7s on your multiple weapons like Cyninja said. Place any required +8/+9s onto your gear and trinkets only. This will save you a lot of money in the long run once you realize that you'd have to invest that extra 5g (the difference between +7 and +9 infusions) multiple times with quite a few weapons, depending on your build and once you start swapping weapons due to sigil bonuses.

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  • Hannelore.8153Hannelore.8153 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I recommend if you play a character that can switch alot of weapons like Warr or Guard, to use +9s in all your armor and trinkets allowing your "non-switching" items to pull the back haul of 144 AR and then just throw some +5s in all your weapons to top it off.

    This isn't an issue on some classes like Ele or Engi but on others it can be a massive gold sink.

    Also as a tip going forward if you're new, invest in fully infused and attuned trinkets (backpiece, rings), pick a common stat that is useful to many classes like Marauder's, and put strong infusions in them, these can be swapped out to do Fractals on alts.

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  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @BRNBRITO.9624 said:
    Reminder that for 18 total agony slots you'll need to infuse your backpack which should be around 45g~ + 500 frac relics + 1 shard.

    Good point, it's not cost efficient to get the backpiece infused. The loss of 8 AR is made up by not having to be exactly at 150 AR, Mistlock Singularities, Tears of Alba, etc.

    Good catch though, I would probably follow the advice given and just upgrade some of the +8s to 9s trying to reach exactly 150 AR with 7s in weapons (starting with trinkets first, since those can easily be traded to other characters initially if very new to fractals. Berserker trinkets should be some/if not the first to get).

  • YtseJam.9784YtseJam.9784 Member ✭✭✭

    I used to do the +8/+9 optimal combination from the wiki to get exactly 150, but now I use the ones with extra stats, not that you care about that right now cause you are just starting and it's very expensive, but the way I do it is:

    +5 AR/+5 stat on weapons = 10 (times 4 if you have weapon swap and for underwater weapons)
    +9 AR/+5 stat on everything else = 144

    Puts me at 154

    Cheapest/Laziest I could come up with that I can always remember off the top of my head. Maybe if I REALLY wanted to optimize it, I can shave 4 AR by swapping out two +9/+5's for two +7/+5's, maybe put them on the back piece or on each earring, OCD kicking in... sounds like a lot extra thinking and remembering and it's not symmetric :)

  • The "issue" was indeed caused by my inactive weapon. Thanks so much guys for the help and the great tips on efficient agony resistance! I really appreciate it :)