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Is Gw2 worth playing these days?

As the title says, is it worth playing? also how is the player base?


  • Zexanima.7851Zexanima.7851 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For me? Eh. For you? Who knows, someone else cant decide that for you.

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  • Until something comes along that's more fun than wvw, its still worth playing.

    The player base is the same as it always was - just smaller.

  • I understand no one can tell me but myself, just wanted peoples opinions on it. thanks for the insight though.

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For the most part yes. There is a ton of really great content and it will keep you going for years. The main story has always been atrocious, but the maps, the content, the little map stories have always held it way above the lower standard of the central narrative

    However, for my part/view, the last two epsiodes (including todays) have shown a dramatic drop in quality, ambition and desire to respect what once a great franchise name. If the bar for content continues to be as low as what have just got, then I'm at long last changing my answer to no if you want something future proofed

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  • Bassdeff.1895Bassdeff.1895 Member ✭✭✭

    In my case, worth enough the start a new account.

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @Groullock.8716 said:
    As the title says, is it worth playing? also how is the player base?

    Are you a new or newish player to GW2? Absolutely. It is amazing. Story is meh, but everything else is awesome.

    If you have been around in core or HoT days and debating coming back, It is. Keep in mind, it will not be as good.

    If you have played PoF, finished the story, played out the new elites, at the time, there is nothing to come back for. There has not been much new since. New maps and story are average (even below that sometimes). Not worth coming back for, on their own. Nothing else has been added, that has effective game play value.

    How is the player base? Growing smaller every day. Overall, there is more than enough players.

  • I'd say this to every post similar to this...
    It's as great as only what you think of it

    For me I prefer gw2 over any other mmo because I like the way this game is designed and it's different to other mmo

    I came back to this game again mid last year and haven't missed a day since logging in.

    I hardly struggle to find people to do content with and ud you get into a large guild who are active then you should have looooooooooooots to do in game.

    Yes it's worth playing
    No it's not worth playing

    That's for you to decide :wink:

  • brenda.9723brenda.9723 Member ✭✭✭

    I depends what you like. I like f.e. world bosses and metas. As a core/vanilla only account you have access to a lot of those. I didnt like most of the HoT maps (i only like Tarir and dragon stand), and the HoT story was kitten, but gliding is really nice. PoF maps are more fun then HoT maps, but lack a big meta. And mounts are really cool. Living World maps and story have their ups and downs. Most of the story arcs have fun build up, but the endings are meh. Anet is not good in making satisfing endings. The mastery system has its ups and downs as well, some feel like a waste of time, bc a lot of them are only useable in one map :s.
    Try other gametypes as well :)

  • Friday.7864Friday.7864 Member ✭✭✭

    For you - dunno, give it a go
    For me - not perfect but still the best MMO ever, I sometimes spend money just to support the game

    And yes, the game is very much alive

  • Every time someone posts this thread, a krait eats a quaggan. It makes the krait ill, other quaggans sad, and it's starting to affect our server maintenance (it's well known they run them, so please stop).

    The game's probably not the best if you're looking something competitive, but if you just want to enjoy a great world and a great story, and just do typical MMORPG stuff (gathering, crafting, exploring), it's a solid choice. We have the best mounts, we have jumping puzzles, we have a belching minigame... absolutely everything you need!

  • SunTzu.4513SunTzu.4513 Member ✭✭✭

    I would say it depends... On your goals and playstyle. If you are looking for constant challanging endgame content you would not be satisfied. Of you like a more laid back game experience, world exploration, world bosses and relative easy instanced contet the game is worth it. Also note, that the ''endgame'' is more some kind of self setted goals, than the normal carrot on a stick thing.

  • @Groullock.8716 said:
    As the title says, is it worth playing? also how is the player base?

    Depends on what your previous experience with it, and what do you mean by "playing". If you haven't played it before, then it may be a nice experience for 6-12 months (depending on how much time you have to play it weekly). If by "playing" you actually mean to play a game (and not participate in game-like activities, aka "grinding"), and you already experienced HoT and PoF content (like, you are returning player) - not much, unless you are fond with endlessly repeating end-game instanced content (which is rarely updated), or do PvP all the time; the rest of the game is boringly easy for experienced player, unfortunately, and they don't have any big expac planned in the near future.

  • @Groullock.8716 said:
    As the title says, is it worth playing? also how is the player base?

    It's free to play and see for yourself. Stop wasting time on the forums asking.

  • @wrathmagik.3518 said:

    @Groullock.8716 said:
    As the title says, is it worth playing? also how is the player base?

    It's free to play and see for yourself. Stop wasting time on the forums asking.

    Over on Reddit these posts are always intended to give the pissbabies an opportunity to complain. I don't see this one as any different.


  • Astralporing.1957Astralporing.1957 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Groullock.8716 said:
    As the title says, is it worth playing? also how is the player base?

    Depends what you want. If you want just to have fun, there's a ton of older content that will satisfy you. The game was very good in the past, and most of that content still exists. If you want to invest your time in an MMORPG and are asking about whether this one has a stable future, the answer is not so certain however. There's a lot of stuff going on with Anet and the game we're not privy to, but from the things we can see it's clear the devs no longer have the resources for developing this game they had before. The LS releases are smaller, there's no mention of a next expansion in the works (and a lot of suggestions it is not in plans at all), and the population is visibly declining.
    It is still a good game, but it is a game whose best period is already in the past.

    The whole point of a social game is to play with the people you want to play with, not be forced to play with the people you don't.