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Report: Stuck in Queue



  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Please use this thread to let the devs know if you are stuck in a PvP queue. The team will be reviewing this thread as often as possible and taking steps to get you back into the fray!

    I'm stuck.. Please help me ((

  • I was stuck, reported in this thread, some time later got message "You were removed from the queue", relogged and got the the same "Match Ready" message. I'm still stuck in queue.

  • Jan.7562Jan.7562 Member

    same im stuck in the match ready screen for ranked, nothing works. Pls fix it asap- thx

  • Sup, I´m stuck too. Character switching / Restart / Reinstall didn´t help sadly. =/ Thanks in advance.

  • Stuck in the mud too ^.^ Time to go to bed good luck fixing gm's

  • Stucked, dont rly know what to do :anguished:

  • Stuck in map selection, interface is covering screen.

  • Looks like the system froze for some people? I am not stuck in queue, but whenever I click Play / Compete after my latest match, nothing happens.

    Neither of the fields are greyed out, nor do I have dishonored. I just click the purple boxes, they light up briefly, give that click sound, but don't roll me into queue.

  • EnderzShadow.2506EnderzShadow.2506 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Nothing happening here either.

    mhm, ok, sure, whatever you say, no after you, I insist, no really, please, be my guest,

  • Stuck in map selection, plz help

  • kitten, you want to stuck me for how long?

  • Xentera.4560Xentera.4560 Member ✭✭

    Stuck in queue all morning, rebooting didn't help.

  • Unable to start a match. Nothing happens by clicking compete.

  • Stuck in Map Results "Battle of Kyhlo" screen for over an hour now. Have restarted game, pc even made a new character all to have the same issue.

  • Stuck in Map Results "Battle of Kyhlo". Have restarted game, Problem is shared across all characters.
    Please lend a helping hand, cheers.

  • Hi Devs I am stuck in pvp queue for beta djinn's dominion

  • youle.5824youle.5824 Member ✭✭

    Stuck again..

  • eddashoor.1235eddashoor.1235 Member
    edited June 23, 2019

    Stuck in map selection. The map get's selected but the matches does not start at all. The screen appears to all characters even those who aren't in the PvP Lobby =/

  • I'm stuck - clicking isnt working w/ queue button

  • Same here.

  • @Possessed Priest.2870 said:
    Broken. After a map has been chosen, all players (confirmed with 3 players) see the map selection spinner, but it just continues to spin, and the game never loads. The screen doesn't go away.
    Currently happening here:

    Same here just got stuck and nothing is working to get out of it, Please help

  • As you can see, this bug has been happening too often and to a large number of PvPers. Why not try to make a good attempt to fix it ? I got stuck yesterday. Couldn't que for the rest of the day since the que buttons weren't responding when i click it. This is the 3rd time this bug has happened to me and I am not even a full-time PvP player. I only do PvP once or twice a week. Please do a better work at fixing this bug.

    "All the talent in this world won't take you anywhere without your Teammates
    Trust them, Res them, Support them

  • PrinceVinc.9435PrinceVinc.9435 Member
    edited June 25, 2019

    Stuck in Map Results/Match is about to begin... can't play like that anymore...

  • onio.6403onio.6403 Member ✭✭

    Again the same mistake, stuck in queue.
    It is outrageous that these things have to happen. Those who do pvp and wvw are always the last in this game. Since we are, where are the legendary skin of the legendary team of pvp and WvW? It is outrageous.

  • Namless.4028Namless.4028 Member ✭✭✭

    cant queue

  • Rofl.6937Rofl.6937 Member ✭✭

    Stuck with match about to start, going on 3 hours unable to get the voting thing off my kitten screen

  • Ivory.1635Ivory.1635 Member ✭✭

    Stuck with match about to start and map results in the middle of the screen. Doesn't go away even if switching chars or relogging.

  • Hey there,
    Stuck unable to queue for PvP both ranked and unranked. Nothing seems to help.

  • Hi, I mostly pvp and I have to say this has never happened to me before - but seems I too am now a member of the ''can't queue'' club.
    Tried rebooting the game, the computer... nothing helped.
    Please fix it, thank you.

  • I can't join pvp match

  • Im stuck in map results : battle of kyhlo

    Eternally spinning map select

  • @BarnacleBoy.6918 said:
    Im stuck in map results : battle of kyhlo

    Eternally spinning map select

    im on this as well we were probably in the same game/match makin g!

  • Hyfix.9520Hyfix.9520 Member ✭✭

    Im stuck here!!

  • IM stuck here help pls

  • DaevaIvresse.1530DaevaIvresse.1530 Member
    edited June 28, 2019

    I'm stuck, send help! I just want my amaranth chest, kitten...

  • Please help :( been stuck for about half an hour now

  • I am trapped, unable to que up! S.O.S!

  • ZeroAim.3825ZeroAim.3825 Member
    edited June 29, 2019

    Stuck with "map results" djinn's dominion map. :anguished:

  • Stuck also with dominions map, we queued together ^^ :^(

  • I queued for ranked today and I am now stuck with the map selection screen. Please send help... (5 minutes ago, Legacy of the Foefire)

  • Hey there,
    Stuck unable to queue for PvP AGAIN(!) both ranked and unranked. Nothing seems to help.

  • Hi, both Unranked and Ranked buttons not working when I press them, they are not greyed out, there is no message that pops up saying I'm in queue, buttons are just not working.

  • Same here, buttons do nothing.
    Posting in case there's something else that can be done, other than to wait for the clean-up process to get me out of limbo.

  • Help i cant que been stuck for 3 hrs now

  • Hello . I cant que any arena more than 6 hrs. When I click the Play Button for Que its like not working at all.

  • pls healp stuck in que

  • Stuck plz help

  • Unable to que at all

  • I'm stuck with the map-result-screen in the middle of the screen. Please help.

  • dceptaconroy.7928dceptaconroy.7928 Member ✭✭✭

    Nothing works! No buttons can be pressed! Can't handle it!

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