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Report: Stuck in Queue



  • bladezero.9470bladezero.9470 Member ✭✭✭

    I can't queue. Won't let me click the button.

    Please help!

  • Stuck at map results with all my toons.

  • Stuck at Map selection with my Necro but swapping toons do not help. Sent some help plx!

  • Stuck in queue at "Match is about to Begin" with the chosen map stuck in my face. Can't escape the lobby or see the center of my screen as a result.

  • Avre.6401Avre.6401 Member ✭✭
    edited July 19, 2019

    Currently stuck at “Map Result” screen! Any help? 😭

  • Just logged off but prior to that I was stuck on the map results screen

  • Espada.2158Espada.2158 Member ✭✭
    edited July 19, 2019

    nvm it fixed itself

  • Stuck in map selection.

  • Stuck for 10 minutes already
    duo partner too; odwelors.3169

  • stuck in queue

  • Stuck with Map results in middle of screen, tried logging but it is still there on relog.

  • Joining in with the army of other folk trapped within the PvP Queue. o/

  • I am stuck in map randomization. Basically, I try to join unranked. After the map selection, nothing happened. The pvp panel says a match is about to begin. Now, when I switch map or join with a different character, the map randomization pop up and basically blocks the center of the screen. There is no way to remove it or minimize it I am basically stuck, and the game is unplayable. Can someone help to remove that screen? Even if I can't play pvp matches, at least allows me to play other game modes.

  • I am stuck in map selection screen. logging in and out, restarting game and changing maps don´t help. the map selection screen is middle of my screeen and stays there, whatever i do.

  • Stuck with "Map selection" in the middle of the screen - logging did not fix.

  • Stuck in queue, map results in middle of screen! Can't change/relog/move map or even move the window.

  • Hello, I've got a friend stuck in a match atm. Acc: Daniel.9408 Region: EU
    Thank you.

  • Got stuck in pvp ranked queue for an hour

  • Hi just got stuck with my duo partner could u unstuck us please? Partner :Dexter. 7042

  • Hello, I'm currently stuck with the Map Results screen in sPvP and it doesn't disappear even when i go PvE :(
    Please free me ! xD
    Thanks. :)

  • I'm not stuck in queue but last game the map results was stuck on screen all match. Please put a minimize. Maybe a timer on the minimize if you don't want people wasting the full 30 seconds.

  • my match over, but we cant go to heart of the mist or other place, its put we in the legacy of foefire again

  • Can't queue anymore.

  • Tried to participate in Balthazar's Brawl, got stuck in queue instead...

  • Sylanna.1947Sylanna.1947 Member ✭✭✭

    stuck with 'map results' screen.. AGAIN. How is this bug still happening? At least modify the darn window so it can be minimized/moved so we can go do other things in the game, even if we can't PvP. As it is now you can't do ANYTHING with this giant window blocking your view for hours!

  • Need help, I am stuck in the "Unranked match. the enter PvP Lobby button is grayed out/unavailable.
    can someone help me

  • Need help, i am stuck in map result screen.

  • Also stuck at the map result screen

  • I am also stuck at the map result screen. Please fix.

  • I am stuck at the Match is about to begin screen.

  • stuck in pvp

  • Infinitie Map selection! please help!

  • Match result box stuck on my screen and match wont actually start cant do anything switch characters or logging or going to new areas isnt helping

  • Stuck in map results screen please help

  • Currently stuck in Map Results screen for Revenge of the Capricorn. This was for a ranked match. Logging out and/or switching characters simply causes the map selector to spin again and blocks most of my screen.

  • Stuck in map results screen. Please help!

  • I'm stuck with a screen 'Map Results' in a queue and it doesn't seem to get away
    pvp match doesn't work as well, please sort this out

  • I'm stuck with a screen 'Map Results' in a queue and it doesn't seem to get away
    pvp match doesn't work as well, please sort this out

  • kokiman.2364kokiman.2364 Member ✭✭
    edited July 28, 2019

    Stuck for a couple of hours on the Map Results screen and I can't queue up anymore, neither can I play the game since the window is kinda obstructing huge parts of the screen.
    Unstuck again

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Please use this thread to let the devs know if you are stuck in a PvP queue. The team will be reviewing this thread as often as possible and taking steps to get you back into the fray!

    I am stuck in the Map Results window, some people say someone is doing some kind of hack to lag people out, the -repair did not help, would you mind unstocking me?

  • volpenvieh.3201volpenvieh.3201 Member ✭✭
    edited July 29, 2019

    @volpenvieh.3201 said:
    Tried to participate in Balthazar's Brawl, got stuck in queue instead...

    I'm STILL stuck and starting to get decay.......

    Apparently I'm stuck with xXEsanaXx.2043 because we both were in the same party at that time and we both get the message "Waiting for party. (2/2)" - Maybe that helps resolve the issue.

  • Can't queue anymore. pls help rank match

  • Dragoth.7153Dragoth.7153 Member ✭✭✭

    Stuck in queue as well, happened first time but now can't play at all

  • Im stuck in queue help

  • I'm stuck in "Map Results"!

  • Please help! The Mists deemed that the Eternal Coliseum would truly be eternal in the form of "Map Select"!

  • JEFF.8763JEFF.8763 Member
    edited August 5, 2019


  • I'm stuck in "Map Results". Please help.

  • Macci.1907Macci.1907 Member ✭✭

    Hey I got stuck in queue after the map pick, so it shows the map result permanently.
    I'm aware of your current afford to get the issue fixed and hope I can help a little by providing the information that the issue has accuredd for me now.

  • hello i cannot queue either. clicking either button doesnt do anything. Thanks