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Report: Stuck in Queue



  • @Vendetta.2496 said:
    I am stuck in the "Unranked Arena: Match is about to begin." stage. The Enter PvP Lobby button is grayed out/unavailable. Been like this for 10+ minutes now....

    Can someone help?

    Same issue just happened to me. How long is this supposed to last????????????????????????????????? Real tired of Anet not addressing the pvp issues!

  • Am also stuck

  • "Match is about to begin" , We had a full team and we got stuck. Tried restarting and moving map but nothing seems to help, the "Enter PvP" and "Leave PvP" buttons won't work either. Not able to re-queue.

  • Match finished and some of us are stuck in match. Please release us. Thanks

  • Stuck in A match Pls Help

  • Exedore.6320Exedore.6320 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm stuck plz help

  • Help Help I'm stuck in a match and can't get up.... wait... but really though. I'm stuck. Thanks for you help in advance!

  • I'm stuck, too. Been showing "Map Results" for the last 10 or so minutes.

  • I'm stuck in a match, please send help

  • Recently finished a match in Skyhammer. Leaving the match just sends us right back into the completed match over and over.

  • Also just finished a match in Sky hammer and nothing is working to get us out of the PVP game, it's groundhog day no matter what we do. HELP!

  • Me and my brother also stuck at "Match about to begin"

  • As of 11/7/17 I am stuck in queue ("match in progress")

    lis aestumanda sit certandum ac vincendum

  • Stuck in "Match is in progress".

  • stuck, yo
    thanks, fam

  • Stuck in "Match in progress" as well =/

  • Stuck with match in progress for over an hour now. I want that win x.x

  • I cannot queue for unranked pvp as of right now. It says I abandoned match recently when indeed I have not. Please fix

  • I am stuck in queue

  • Ryan.9387Ryan.9387 Member ✭✭✭

    Stuck with "Match is in progress". Game has been over for around an hour now.

  • Abelisk.4527Abelisk.4527 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Stuck in queue -- Revenge of the Capricorn

  • I'm stuck in queue ~ about 2 hours now

  • Two hours now :(

  • Samnang.1879Samnang.1879 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm perma stuck in a match that i already won... and it didn't register as a win on my record score card.

    unrelated: I also can't join fractal parties, everytime i join one and i change map, client crashes and I auto leave the party..

    Anet: give us in-game customizable human NPC companion please
    Please, no more balance changes, or at least reset our gears so we don't have to waste gold changing gears every time.
    Please have option to not receive bloodstone dusts, empyreal fragments, dragonite etc

  • Same issue.. groundhog day after PvP and now it says I've abandoned my match so I can't play anymore.

  • Is there any devs around?? Hello??

  • I finished one game earlier, left to go do some guild events, came back a few hours later and it says 'PvP Abandoned' when I click to play.

  • Also stuck in a phantom match that is not allowing me to queue. Same as the screenshot above.

  • I'm stuck in queue and also have a pop up whenever I log in or switch maps saying my game can't connect to the server when I am clearly connected.

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  • Hey come on devs i've been stuck on queue for about 6 hours now!!!!

  • Getting removed from matchmaking screen when trying to queue

  • Same here. Getting removed from matchmaking when trying to queue.

  • I'm stuck in queue. It says "Match in Progress" Send Halp

  • I'm still stuck. This happened 20 minutes before yesterday's patch. Today I login and get a pop-up saying I can't connect to the login server and a PvP match in progress. Help!

  • Not stuck but can't queue - it just says "abandoned" every time I click "play unranked"

  • Stuck in "Match is in progress" over 12 hours. Please fix it asap.

  • Yes I am now also stuck in a Map Queue cant get out of it even in a hard shut down or moving maps or toons.. please help :)

  • Hello, I'm stuck as well with Map results blocking my screen. Re-logging and character select will show the same.

  • I've been stuck in a Match for 14 hours now. Please fix it when possible :smiley:

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  • Yuyuske.7182Yuyuske.7182 Member ✭✭✭

    Stuck in a match since last night. Save me!

  • Can't Queue at all.. No message either. It doesn't matter if I click on ranked or unranked it does nothing.

  • Just played a ranked match, in Revenge of the Capricorn - and we're all stuck in the match, can't leave

  • Karnasis.6892Karnasis.6892 Member ✭✭✭

    Stuck in the PvP queue and can't get out, even tried relogging

  • im stuck in game

  • I am stuck in a match please help.

  • Ok, after logging out of the game for 15 mins or so, able to log in without being pulled back into match. Will try another match, hope it doesn't stick again...

  • I was stuck on the PvP map for about 20 minutes. After switching to another toon, I was able to free my stuck toon from the map however I am still unable to queue up nor leave my current queue.

  • If this is still really a thing today I'm afraid to even try to log on lol

  • Diig.1967Diig.1967 Member ✭✭

    Keep getting removed from queue when trying to queue. pls halp

  • papadee.9231papadee.9231 Member ✭✭
    edited November 10, 2017

    Stuck in queue. I have relogged, tried with other characters, restarted my computer...the pvp map selection screen is on every map (pve...Lion's Arch, wvw..Eternal Battlegrounds, Guild Hall)...STUCK......

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