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  • /stuck

    btw why we are asking help from here? what about others? are they doomed?

  • I am stuck in a pvp match. EU server.

  • Jekkt.6045Jekkt.6045 Member ✭✭✭

    stuck on jin's dominion. all 10 players seem to be stuck.

  • cant exit the map it throws me every time back after the match ended

  • Stuck in a PVP match. EU

  • Stuck in a PVP match.

  • Stuck in a PVP match. EU...

  • Stuck in a PvP match. EU

  • Stuck in the PvP Queue, can't do anything. All character affected. EU.

    PS : Your devs should have a look on unit tests for ensure regressions in the code (bug appearing to be fix in earlier releases) are not broken again.

  • Hi, Stuck in "Match Ready" Screen. Can´t Accept nor Decline. Window reappears everytime i port somewhere or restart client

  • Whitworth.7259Whitworth.7259 Member ✭✭✭

    Hey I'm stuck in 'match is about to begin' thanks.

  • I'm stuck in a queue.

    It says that the match is about to begin but there's no timer. I can't leave the queue.

    The match ready box pops up every time I enter a new map and I can't accept/decline can only dismiss.

  • wesmo.8913wesmo.8913 Member
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    I hate to necro a thread, but I am stuck in a PvP queue splash screen. I doesn't matter if log through and alt or if I re log to game, I am stuck, unable to play.

  • i'm stuck1!!!!

  • I am stuck in the "ranked Arena: Match is about to begin." stage. The Enter PvP Lobby button is grayed out/unavailable. Been like this for 30+ minutes now....

    Can someone help?

  • I am stuck in the "ranked Arena: Match is about to begin." stage. The Enter PvP Lobby button is grayed out/unavailable. Been like this for 30+ minutes now....

    Can someone help?

  • Koen.1327Koen.1327 Member ✭✭✭

    stuck in queue for at, if i try to leave queue it just takes me to pve world without leaving the queue

  • I cannot QUE for anyting thats the 2nd time i get that. I have included image that shows 1minute difference between me and server. I mean when Season meant to end. WHY? HELP?!

  • /stuck

    Leaving queue is not possible.
    Match Ready box pops up after every loading screen.
    I can't accept/decline, dismiss is the only working option.

  • I am stuck in queue matchmaking ranked arena for almost 2 hours.

    Tried both change character, cancel queue, enter WvW or restart the game. Already wrote a ticket ingame about 20 min after the bug. Cannot go mist via PvP Home panel either since "Match is about to begin".
    How can I fix it? Thanks in advance.

  • I'm stuck in queue

  • ugrakarma.9416ugrakarma.9416 Member ✭✭✭✭

    im stuck too, when i click on a button just flash without nothing happen... if a friend invitme to a party he cant enter too.

    main pvp: Khel the Undead(power reaper).

  • Windfury.3598Windfury.3598 Member
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    I got stuck in the match map loading screen and had to log off and re-start the game twice, as a result I ended up back in the lobby instead of inside the map with kittening dishonor! That isn't fair and i'm accumulating dishonor because of such errors with loading screens or server disconnects ......I'm at 1h40 mins dishonor now :(.....can this be reset at all?? Please do something Anet. I mean, honestly disconnecting sometimes for no fault of ours and being punished for it is insane...let us get back into the game instead please. There's already so much wrong going on in pvp at the moment ...this is just one more disheartening thing,

  • I too am stuck in permanent "match is about to begin". Please help!

  • Hi my account is Comrak.7105 I've been stuck in "Match is about to begin" for a couple of hours now. Hope you can fix it as soon a posible. Thanks.

  • Kunzaito.8169Kunzaito.8169 Member ✭✭✭

    I think a bunch of people (including myself) just got stuck. Map chat is buzzing about it.

    I got the popup for a match, accepted, and it stayed on "Match is About to Begin" for about 10 minutes. I logged off and logged back on, and I get the match popup again with 2 boxes unchecked and the only option I can choose is "Dismiss". If I choose that, it returns to the endless "Match is About to Begin" message.

  • chiri.9087chiri.9087 Member ✭✭
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  • Hi my account is Shaktrah.4013 I've been stuck in "Match is about to begin" for a couple of hours now. Hope you can fix it as soon a posible. Thanks

  • Stuck in pvp queue

  • stuck in pvp queue, if anyone can help please, was hoping to finish my legendary backpack achievements today...

  • MorgothLich.1253MorgothLich.1253 Member ✭✭
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    Hi Anet,
    I'm stuck in unranked q. Cannot leave the q, every map change gives me the window to confirm the match which I accepted it and dismissed the first time it appeared. I can only dismiss the window. Cannot go into heart of the mists or start another queue.
    I've tried to: relog, restart the game, invite someone to a party. Nothing works.
    Please fix this
    Thank you in advance
    EDIT: Seems working fine now

  • Please still stucked in "match is about to begin" been like this for 4 days now, the season is over but still can't get rid of this bug. Please fix this. Thanks

  • I'm stuck in the queue
    pls help

  • im also stuck in this que for over an hour please help

  • VyPR.3412VyPR.3412 Member ✭✭
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    Just got out of a match and found that I'm somehow still queued. Exiting takes me out of HotM to LA or back into the HotM if I exit from LA.

    Edit: Fixed.

  • Stuck in "match is about to begin", hoping for a fix

  • Stuck in ranked queue -- Match begin 6/10 players hit ready -- can't leave queue.

  • Stuck in Game. with 5 others.

    Rhonda Berenne.8573

  • My warrior is stuck in the pvp map Legacy of the foefire pls help

  • Stuck in a completed ranked game right now.

  • I'm stuck in the match that already concludes along with my friend Xxakihiroxdx.7509

  • stuck in queue ! everytime I use a wp the ready box pop up and I can only hit dismiss

  • Stuck in pvp match.



  • Help, I am stuck in PvP queue.

  • Stuck in que. Tried restarting and changing characters

  • Stuck again -- ALOT are stuck but probably don't come to the forums

  • YtseJam.9784YtseJam.9784 Member ✭✭✭

    stuck in queue as of 2:30 pm EST

  • YtseJam.9784YtseJam.9784 Member ✭✭✭

    I opened a support ticket, didn't know others were in the same boat.

  • KristaLeigh.4236KristaLeigh.4236 Member ✭✭
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    Stuck in PVP queue for 2+ hours. Things that have not remedied the bug: changing characters, zoning, dying, logging out, and rebooting. Filed support ticket.

  • Shadow.1345Shadow.1345 Member ✭✭✭

    Stuck in a queue here as well.